Montway Auto Transport Company


It’s definitely not funny and that’s why we weren’t feeling like creating a funny cartoon. Nothing is more sad today than seeing how petrol companies are playing games and constantly raising the gas prices. It’s very frustrating when you go to the gas pump and see a different number each week. Isn’t it?


What do you think the number will be next week? 


gas prices this week

How do you think he feels about this game?


As the owner of Montway, Mike is very well-versed in the auto transport industry. He started the company back in 2006, but his experience in car shipping goes farther back than that. Before starting Montway here in the United States, Mike was moving cars in Europe. He shipped vehicles from Western European countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria to Eastern Europe. With over a decade of experience and knowledge of this industry, Mike is what we like to call a Car Shipping Expert.

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