3 Reasons Montway Donated to the Surgical Mission Siquijor

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Shipping cars may be what we love to do – and what we do best – but we always try to expand our reach and help those outside the auto transport industry as well. Most recently we expanded our reach to the third smallest island of the Philippines, Siquijor, where doctors are more than just sparse. With a population of 87,000, the island has only five doctors. With such a disproportionate ratio, the need for those that can perform surgery on the island is high.

For this reason, Montway decided to recently donate to the Surgical Mission Siquijor Philippines 2013. By realizing the shortage of doctors, the mission aims to “treat the socially disadvantaged part of the population and exchange knowledge with the local colleagues.”

So why did we do it? And why should companies donate to any cause? We’ll fill you in:

1. The Need is More Than Great

As the mission’s webpage states, currently in Siquijor there is no primary care available to severely injured patients suffering from accidents or surgical diseases. Those living on the island in need of immediate care cannot actually be treated on their home island of Siquijor. Instead, they have to travel at least 40 minutes by boat in the open air to the next bigger island.

It can be hard to imagine- particularly when we live in an area where doctors and hospitals are comparatively abundant. The mission aims to not only perform needed surgeries, but to educate local representatives on the island in emergency medical care during their one month stay. This alone is something Montway feels great donating towards.

2. Simply Put, It Feels Good to Donate

Though our love for shipping cars spans farther than anything else we do, we can’t ignore how great it feels to do good for others- especially outside of the auto transport industry. We’re not going to lie, making good on car shipment after car shipment and delivering our customers’ vehicles on time and in great condition always feels good. But nothing can replace the feeling of helping those in need, and Montway is positive this mission has a lot to give.
“I have been familiar with this mission for quite some time,” said Mike Mihaylov, the owner and operator of Montway, Inc. “I trust that the money donated through Montway, Inc. will truly go to those who need help.”

3. Surgical Diseases Need Treatment

Surgical diseases are everywhere and treatment is needed. During their two-week surgery period the mission intends on treating surgical diseases on Siquijor including: thyroid surgery, inguinal hernia surgery, variceal surgery, small-sized soft tissue tumours, haemorrhoids, gallbladder surgery, chronic wounds (ulcers, decubitus), traumatological primary care, carpal tunnel surgery, Dupuytren’s contractures.

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