Snowbird Heading South for the Season!

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Snowbird Heading South for the Season!

Montway loading Earl’s 1998 Ford Crown Victoria

The chill and cold of winter weather is finally upon us  and the nation’s snowbirds are wisely heading South in droves to escape it. Transporting a car down to Florida (the most popular location for the snowbirds who want to escape the cold weather up North), California, Texas or Arizona  from the north might be rough for some, but not for Montway. Over the years we’ve helped many snowbirds move their cars to Southern states when winter finally descends and they’re ready for relocation. Because it’s busy route for snowbirds, we have a dedicated driver who travels South on a regular basis. Earl S. called us to book his vehicle shipping service from nearby Wheaton, IL to Jupiter, FL.

Escaping the Winter By Moving South!

Earl planned his move to Florida and booked his order with Montway early – on October 10th. He signed his order on Dec 11th and designated Dec 12th as his first available pick-up date. This is the date your car should be ready for loading. From this date the pick-up window could be one to a few days. We had dispatched his order on Dec 11th and the estimated pick-up date was Dec 14th. Montway did its best to cater to Earl’s wish and his Ford was picked-up on Dec 14th. He was very happy we were able to pick up his car at this exact date and he filmed his car’s loading.

For more videos filmed by customers please visit Montway YouTube channel. Are you a snowbird going South for the season? What kind of car are you driving and moving South this winter?