Advantages and Disadvantages of the Carriers

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A disadvantage of this open carrier is that the vehicles are not protected from leakage from the other vehicles being transported at the same time. This is because no tarpaulin is used in protecting cars from leakage from the other vehicles. The movement of the open carrier is very slow. The big trailer that is used here does not move at great speed compared to the enclosed trailers. In open auto carriers, the drivers do stop at many terminals before they reach their final destination. This is because many cars going to the same direction are transported at the same time. Owing to this, there is interruption in the movement and this causes delay in the delivery time. Consequently, open trailer is not the best option for people that need their vehicles urgently.

enclosed auto transport

Enclosed carrier is the direct opposite of open carrier both in features, advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of this type of carrier is that the vehicles are protected from the element of weather. As it has been said before, vehicles are carried in an enclosed container. Some enclosed trailers can only carry one vehicle at a time. There are some that can carry up to three cars but the cars are protected from dust and vandalism. If the driver stops at a place or sleeps over at a place before continuing the journey, there is no fear that hoodlums will temper with the cars because the vessel is properly locked.

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The possibility of damages occurring in enclosed carrier is very rare. This is because the carrier is more flexible than open carrier and the manoeuvrability of the enclosed carrier is higher than that of open carrier. They do not carry much load like the open carrier and the car can easily turn without falling.

Enclosed carrier moves faster than open carrier because of the reasons given above. The trailer moves at a higher speed. Secondly, the enclosed carrier is not carrying many cars at the same time. So, there will be little or no interruption in the trip. The movement is almost straight and continuous until the trailer gets to the terminal. So, this option is good for people that need their cars urgently.

If the carrier is transporting more than a car, each of the cars is protected from leakage from the other car because the cars are covered with tarpaulin.

If you have exotic and luxury cars, enclosed trailer is the best option for you. This is because it provides maximum protection to the car that is being conveyed in it.

Disadvantage of Enclosed Vessel

The major disadvantage of the enclosed carrier is that it is very expensive. There are only a few individuals that will be able to afford the cost of using enclosed carrier. This is one of the reasons why it is not popular like open carrier.

Now that you have known the two types of trailers that are used by the auto carriers and their benefits and drawbacks, you can now decide on which option that suits your need.


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