Crazy Trucking Facts You Should Know

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Too often, the trucking industry is one that is greatly overlooked. When driving on the highway, we forget that these trucks are actually hauling goods that we use every day and instead just think of how frustrating it is to be stuck behind one. Or even worse- sandwiched between two. Eek! The truth is, though, that without truckers we would be in a pretty sad state.

Why Do Truckers Matter?

Why, you ask? Because trucks account for 28.6 percent of all transportation in the U.S., second only to rail. Plus, you know these truck drivers aren’t just driving around in trucks for fun every day. They are hauling the goods we consume on a daily basis: clothes, food, electronics, mechanical parts and our cars. Without them we would have to wait much longer to get the things we want and need. And without trucks, you would never be able to enlist a company like Montway to transport your vehicle for you.

That’s why we have a wide appreciation for trucks and the drivers that operate them. Did you know that there are so many trucks operating in the U.S. that if you stacked them up end-to-end they would reach all the way to the moon? That’s 240,000 miles of straight trucks. That’s just one of the facts we gained from the infographic below created by Trucker to

Take a look at the infographic below to learn some crazy trucking facts. Here’s one more from us: it takes a truck 40 percent more time than a car to stop. Keep this in mind next time you decide to pull out in front of one of them on the highway!

Trucking Facts We Should All Know

IMAGE: Courtesy of Trucker to Trucker

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