Auction Wednesday: John Lennon’s Ferrari to Auction

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There are so many hot cars auctioned off every day that it can be difficult to keep up with them. You may see an article here and there about a celebrity’s classic car heading to auction, but unless you are a vintage vehicle enthusiast you may never know! Thankfully, Montway Auto Transport has got your back, and every Wednesday we will be posting on the latest and hottest cars going to auction or have recently been auctioned off.

“Baby you can drive my car. Yes, I’m gonna be a star. Baby you can drive my car, and maybe I’ll love you.” Do you think John Lennon knew that one day these lyrics would be more than true? Well whether he did or not, someone will be driving his 1965 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Coupé and chances are they will be in love.

If you happen to be at England’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in July and have an extra $276,000 to $338,000 to spend, then you could be the new owner of John Lennon’s first car. His vintage ride may not be slated to go for as much as his bandmate McCartney’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5, which sold for nearly $500,000 according to the LA Times, but $300,000 is still a large chunk of change. Perhaps more interesting than the car auction itself though is how Lennon came to own this sweet little ride.

John Lennon’s First Car

Back in 1965, after the Beatles recorded one of their most popular songs “Ticket to Ride,” Lennon decided to get his driver’s license for the first time. The musician was 25 years old and it must have seemed as though the world was his oyster. Especially since countless numbers of car dealerships made his car shopping easy as pie.

Usually when someone starts perusing for a new car, they head over to a car dealership- or five- and shop around themselves. There is a good deal of leg work and research that should goes into purchasing a car, but for Lennon it must have been quite the opposite since all of the top dealers came to him instead. In fact, they took over his street with the latest and sleekest cars in hopes that he would pick theirs. Aston Martins, Jaguars, Maseratis and of course Ferraris must have been everywhere.

What Lennon paid for the vehicle back then though is a steep difference to what the lucky bidder will be paying this year. Back then the Ferrari 330GT went for $10,000, which is equivalent to about $170,000 today. The Goodwood Festival expects the vintage ride to go for around $300,000 at the auction in July. The LA Times reported that the current owner picked up the car in the late 1980s and restored it to where it is today- a sleek, blue beauty.

So if you’ve got a ticket to ride- and some extra cash in your pocket- make your way to the auction in July and try your hand at snatching up Lennon’s first car ever!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by Collector Car Ads

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