Auto Transport Brokers…Good Guys or Bad Guys?

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Shipping a vehicle across the country may not be a common experience for most folks.  Your research begins and you quickly find many shipping options.  Making phone calls or filling out online quote requests usually prompts an overload of calls and emails from auto transport companies seeking to gain your business (Though not on


Most responses will be from brokers.  Auto transport brokers arrange transport on your behalf by negotiating pricing with auto carriers, scheduling pickup and delivery times, and providing mediation support in the event something goes wrong. However, although the broker profession has been needed and utilized for centuries, it often carries a negative connotation.  While it is true that brokers are commonly fast talkers claiming they are the right person to help you, there are legitimate industry experts available to give you peace of mind in such unfamiliar waters.

What People Like To Do?

Many people try to seek out auto carriers directly to work with, believing that cutting out the “middle man” is best.  What people soon learn is that it is difficult to reach reputable auto carriers directly.  Most truckers and car haulers do not maintain websites nor do they openly advertise their services.  The majority are small businesses that rely on strong relationships with brokers to locate and secure work. Therefore a “middle man” in this instance can add true value in providing access to the right connections.  Even if one does manage to find a direct carrier, how do you know you’re getting a reasonable price?

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What Is To Be The “Middle Man”?

Let’s examine what is involved with being the “middle man” in the auto transport industry.  Brokers research carriers, validate USDOT credentials and FMSCA compliance, verify insurance coverage, and most importantly spearhead the sometimes constant bargaining with truckers. These are all challenges most of us don’t understand or care to know when more than likely we will never have to do it a second time.

Another huge advantage to using a broker is accessibility to a multitude of carriers all at once. There is no one carrier that runs every route within the United States, so brokers can take out the leg work by offering numerous options for your specific route.

Still not sure whether or not to use a broker or try to find a carrier on your own instead?  Well, lucky for you is there is no need to choose one way or the other…

Montway, being both a broker and a carrier, we offer our customers the best of both worlds. We consider ourselves a logistics solutions company.  If our fleet of car haulers is not available on your route, that is not a problem.  We have built solid and respected relationships with over 7,000 carriers across the nation, meaning we have the access and industry expertise to provide you with a viable transport solution, no matter your origin, no matter your destination.

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