Loading of a 2004 ML 350 #VIDEO

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Loading of a 2004 ML 350 #VIDEO

You may automatically assume that if it is pouring outside, your vehicle will not be loaded on time. Thankfully, if you choose to transport your car with Montway that is certainly not true. In the customer video below you can see the loading of a 2004 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 in the pouring rain. The midsize vehicle was picked up in Mountain View, Calif. and traveled to Bellevue, Wash. on this open transport. The estimated transit time for this 850 mile trip was four days and the car was delivered in that time span. It was picked up on Dec. 24 and delivered at its destination on Dec. 28. Thankfully for this customer the rain didn’t deter the loading of their car at all.

As you can see in the video, vehicles of all shapes and sizes can be easily transported. Plus, this customer was able to get their vehicle two days before their cut-off date. They needed their vehicle to be delivered in a timely manner before Dec. 30 and we delivered it to them two days before.

Watch the loading of this Mercedes in the rain

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