Automakers Releasing 2012 Super Bowl Commercials Early

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Automakers Releasing 2012 Super Bowl Commercials Early

Days before the kickoff at Super Bowl XLVI, many of the hotly-anticipated commercials have already aired on YouTube, including advertisements from some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers.


Acura, Honda’s premium Lexus-fighting division, took to the online airwaves with a clip, nearly two minutes in length, starring a famous Porsche aficionado. Jerry Seinfeld flew off the handle in his attempt to attain the first Acura NSX. The first-generation NSX, remember, has been out of production for years, as the Ayrton Senna-developed junior supercar eventually ended up as an underpowered V6 rival that looked like it was from another era. Indeed, it was.

The next NSX is a showstopping all-wheel drive hybrid, apparently a strong enough effort to make Jerry go crazy with desire. That wouldn’t be the first time, you’ll recall. Jerry once (fictionally) stole a loaf of marble rye from an old lady.

Seinfeld is known to have an immense car collection. How he manages to transport these vehicles to various points around the continent remains to be seen, but he does keep a garage in Manhattan reserved for his collection. The fact that he would lend his spokesman services to Acura on the NSX’s behalf speaks volumes about the car’s desirability factor. The fact that Acura released their Super Bowl commercial days before the first bathroom break on Sunday afternoon speaks volumes about the company’s desire to grab the public’s attention long before the first NSX is spotted cruising up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Which Other Car Makers Are Ready To Advertise?

Acura, however, isn’t the only automaker pulling the wraps off Super Bowl XLVI commercials early. Cadillac plans to make hay on the reputation of the Nürburgring as the company showcases their new small luxury sports sedan, the ATS. The Audi S7 stars alongside vampires in a minute-long ad from the German luxury car maker. Chevrolet, meanwhile, was using independent film makers to develop ads for a variety of nameplates.

The hilarious “Happy Grad” was one of the winning clips that will be shown during Super Bowl XLVI. Lexus didn’t want to go all the way with the ad that features their new GS, so the company released just 15 seconds of the commercial in a so-called teaser.

Employees eventually convinced boss John Krafcik to pre-release Hyundai’s Super Bowl XLVI commercials. There were struggles, fairly significant struggles, in getting a cheetah to chase the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. But like Hyundai’s other 2012 ads, one of which has an old man’s heart stopping, the cheetah commercial eventually worked out well.


Speaking of animals, Suzuki will attempt to kick-start Kizashi sales with a Super Bowl ad in 2012. Animals are increasingly favoured by ad agencies who either can’t come up with anything else or simply know it’s hard to go wrong with four-legged creatures. In the Kizashi’s case, sled dogs fill the passenger seats and keep the beat.

Back at Honda, there’s a prematurely-released Super Bowl advertisement that has already raised a ruckus. Honda’s attempting to recreate a little Ferris Bueller magic with Matthew Broderick. Five days before the big game Honda had already received around 4 million views for the extended version on YouTube. Reception hasn’t been all good, as Q Radio’s host Jian Ghomeshi, for one, wishes Honda would stop, “messing with our fond memories of Ferris Bueller.”

What automakers have not yet shown us quite obviously remains to be seen. For now, Acura’s Super Bowl commercial certainly headlines the field, perhaps as much for the second celebrity guest spot as the first.