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When you think about moving all your belongings across the country or across the ocean it can be quite overwhelming and stressful to say the least. Hiring an automobile moving company will help reduce the stress when it comes to transporting your car. Here we will list a few auto shipping options you can research and choose from.

Automobile Transport Using a Train

The use of train for car shipping is not a recent venture, but something that started way back. Most people prefer transporting their car using modern trains because they are relatively fast and reach their destination faster. Trains are also a secure way of car transportation. This is because railroads don’t really have any bumps therefore the possibility of your car shaking and moving while being transported is not as big. The problem involved with transporting a car by train is the fact that most train companies does not accept one time shipping especially from private people. Another problem is the fact that most trains have specific routes that they follow with specific destination and therefore it might not be as convenient for many people. If you are one of those people who prefer traveling with their car while being transported, then train is the best choice for you. Moreover, many car shipping companies require that someone travel with the vehicle while in transit.

Transporting a car by Air

Only few people use this way of car transportation and so it is absolutely true to say that it is the least used method for car transportation. Transporting car by air is known to be very expensive, but very effective and efficient when the car needs to be transported long distance. Transportation by air is also effective in cases where the destination is hard to reach. In general, cars that usually get transported by air are race cars and classic cars. Those are cars that often travel across the world for races and shows, and they need to be delivered in the most efficient and safest manner possible (air transportation in general is considered the safest type of transportation).

Car Transportation by Ship

Car transportation using ship is the cheapest compared to other methods. It is actually the most exclusive method, and is preferred by many people especially when transporting along the coastline. Using ship for auto transportation is also the most utilized way of transporting cars overseas.

Car Transportation by Truck

This is the method used by most people in the US while transporting their cars within the borders. There are many car shipping companies that use trucks as the carrier vessel of car transportation. The types of car transportation trucks may be different – some are enclosed while some are open car carriers. This is the most common method of car transportation and  most people use car shipping service often after purchasing a car online or from a dealership. Generally, it is easy to schedule a car transportation as there are hundreds of car shipping companies across the US ready to do the job. You can easily find a car shipping quote online and book your service even without talking to an agent.

Self-transportation of a car

Self transportation simply means transporting the car yourself and not letting any shipping company to do it for you. Many people prefer transporting their cars themselves because of variety of reasons. Some may want to feel the performance of their brand new vehicle, while others may choose to drive the car themselves because of fear of damages to the car while in transit on a car carrier. This method is best when the distance involved is short though. Most people find no need of paying shipping companies to bring home a car that is only a couple hundred miles away. Thus, if you are wondering whether to hire an auto transport company or drive the car yourself, consider the distance first, then the fuel expenses and then your fears.

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