Automobile Transportation – The Trucks and Semi-Trucks

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Transportation of cars by trucks is the most commonly used method in land auto transportation. This is because it is always more affordable as compared to other methods. Transportation using trucks has been indeed the norm since auto transportation was first introduced. Trucks have always been preferred to carry the cars because it is known to have the required power to do just that. Trucks generally are built for heavy duty industrial and commercial carrying of goods and choosing them to act as the carriers in auto transportation was not a bad idea from the first people who introduced it. Simple trailers pulled moderate weight vehicles can also be used to carry cars.

The only disadvantage this has is the fact that most of such simple trailers are weak and are only built to carry single light cars one at a time. Trailers meant to be pulled by trucks are absolutely large and strong and can carry multiple numbers of cars at the same time. In most cases such trailers are known to pack 4 or more cars. Let’s see some of the different types of trucks normally used in auto transportation.

Open Trucks

Open trucks are the most commonly used as far as car transportation by trucks is concerned. You must have seen lots of different open trucks with either a single or multiple cars loaded onto them racing down the highways. Open trucks use open carriers. It might have a roof over it but the sides are not covered so that one is able to see whatever is being transported. Some also don’t have roofs but might as well have closed sides that make it only possible to view what’s being transported from above.

Some trucks are totally open in that they have no roof or closed sides. Cars can be covered or left uncovered when transported by open trucks. While most people prefer letting their car be transported uncovered it is more advantageous if it’s covered. This is because covered cars being transported on open trucks or trailers are not usually subjected to extreme conditions such as snow, hailstones and massive dust. There are open trucks for the transportation of both single and multiple vehicles.

Enclosed Trucks

The use of closed trucks is also common but not as common as open trucks. This is because moving a car with enclosed trucks is normally a little more expensive compared to the use of open trucks. Closed trucks are deemed special and using them is more advantageous. Closed trucks are completely closed from all angles. It is like transporting your car in a container.

When a car is transported by this method it enjoys absolute safety not only from those who might want to steal it but from extreme weather conditions and other possible threats. If you use closed truck for the transportation of your car, you are likely to receive it the same way it was before it was loaded into the truck. No pile of thick dust or snow will be evident on your car in case transportation process passed in places with such conditions.

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