What is the Biggest Highway Safety Threat? [Infographic]

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What do you think is a bigger threat to our highway safety: cars or trucks? Off hand, most people will likely say that trucks are the bigger threat considering their size. And the fact that most people are not truck drivers. However, if you answered trucks then you are mistaken.

In fact, when a passenger vehicle collides with a truck, it’s usually the fault of the car – shows an auto transport study published by the American Trucking Association. Just take a look at the statistics provided in the infographic below: out of all fatal car-truck crashes in 2010, 87 percent of the crashes that resulted in head-on collisions were the fault of the passenger vehicle. When it came to rear-end crashes, cars were at fault 76 percent of the time there as well. Many drivers automatically assume that truckers are the ones to blame, but these cold hard facts show quite the contrary. To add to that, only 27 percent of truck accidents are a result of speeding as opposed to 53 percent of car accidents. When it comes to speeding dangerously, it’s the passenger vehicles you have to look out for.

Take a look at the infographic below provided by Overdrive and see for yourself why cars are more dangerous than trucks. Keep this information in mind next time you blame a truck for a roadside accident! Because at Montway Auto Transport we believe, chances are, it was the fault of the passenger vehicle.

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