Drive a Truck? Carry a Smartphone!

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If you’re a truck driver, it may be time to tune up your smartphone!

You see, there’s a relatively new, reasonably promising, smartphone app for truckers … it’s called BigRoad. It uses Google maps for navigation, it has in-app messaging, sending plus receiving tools and it makes logging and tracking trucking fleets easier. The main draw for both truck drivers and trucking fleets is the app’s logging function, which is smartly compatible with both U.S. and Canadian hours of service compliance rules. Also, at the top left of the BigRoad app’s home screen, there’s this round duty status button that can be selected to record your off-duty, sleeper, driving and on-duty time. If you make a mistake or forget to change your driving status, you can hit “Daily Log” to fix it.

How much time do your fleet dispatchers spend contacting your truck drivers?

The home screen of BigRoad is easy to navigate. Users can choose between map, satellite and night Google maps views to pinpoint your current location. Extra features include being able to set your odometer, miles driven and recording what you’re carrying. You can also send via email or text message accident reports and photos directly through the app. (O’ and BigRoad’s free for truck drivers; and $15 a month for fleet owner slash operators)!

Here’s a look at BigRoad’s Trucker Aimed Features

  • Two way messaging: dispatch, other drivers, friends & family.
  • Driver logs: eliminate miscalculation & improve accuracy. Supports US & CDN rules.
  • Check-in location using GPS.
  • One touch to find truck stops, weigh scales, dealer locations, other POI’s.
  • Stop waiting in line for fax machines: send documents & photos.
  • Real-time GPS with traffic: avoid delays & improve safety.
  • Automate location, status & paperwork updates to dispatchers.
  • Automatic hours of service tracking & calculator.
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