Bloody car pick up!

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Nothing is more exciting than picking up a car. Well you wouldn’t think so, but we do. Montway drivers sometimes do the impossible to find and load our customers’ cars. You can count on them that they will go through fire and ice to pick up and deliver your car. You can rely on our car shipping service!

Remember Adrian K.? Last time he pulled inoperable car on his own to load it onto the trailer. This time first he had to crawl in the dark night through bushes and trees to find the owners house and get to the car.

So, there he was, Montway’s driver Adrian looking at his order and special instructions. The car was Crown Victoria 1998 and he had to pick it up from Jupiter, Florida and deliver it to Wheaton, Illinois. The notes were saying:

“Car will be sitting there. Code for the car is ####. The key will be under the mat.”

The owners had hopped on their flight to Illinois and their car was waiting for its pick-up. Adrian arrived in Jupiter, Florida in the evening. It was a residential area where he was not allowed to enter with his big car carrier truck. He parked the truck at the closest plaza and headed to the address. After a mile walking he finally reached the residential area and started looking for the house . He couldn’t find the number for quite some time and finally asked a passing by person without a  result though.

Adrian kept walking and checking the numbers for another ten minutes, gazing in the dark at every house number. In order to see the numbers of some houses  he had to enter the lawns and crawl over some bushes. He would never do that in any other situation, but this was the car he had to find and pick-up, and that was the way in this case. Adrian had to do whatever he needs to find this car.  When he finally spotted the house he was looking for he smiled and hurried straight there.

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A struggle for a car! The pick-up will happen!

Excited he started walking towards the main door as per the instructions the key was under the mat. There was nothing that could stop him now. As he was walking towards his final destination all of a sudden something quite hard and elastic hit him in the head. The strike made him bounce back and he found himself on the ground. It took him a few seconds to get back on his feet and realize what had happened.  He was standing against a huge tree surrounded by a bunch of bushes and flowers. For a moment he thought they were all alive coming at him ready to fight.

“Now a tree!” he thought while frowning at the tree.

Adrian could handle the bushes, but the pitch dark had prevented him of noticing this huge, slapping tree. A big, grumpy old branch was hanging to the ground ready to defend the house from intruders. Well, obviously he was not an intruder, but the tree didn’t know that, so it smacked him in the head. Our trucker found a way around the tree and finally reached the front door of the house. He got the key for the car and headed to the parking area. Adrian found the house easily as there were no trees in the parking.

How Did It End?

Adrian started the car and headed back to his truck happy that he is leaving this damned residential area. He loaded the car and went to the nearby gas station to get some coffee. Walking inside he noticed that everybody is staring at him and realized that he probably had a cut on his head. He hurried to the bathroom and in the mirror he saw a huge bleeding wound on top of his head. He washed it immediately while praying that nobody from the gas station calls the police because the wound looked like a bullet hole. He walked out the gas station uninterrupted and safely drove away from Jupiter, Florida thinking that this city definitely deserved that name.

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