The BOOM of Auto Transporting in Colombia

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With more financing options being made available worldwide in growing economies, more and more vehicles are being purchased for personal use. Recently, while enjoying a beautiful vacation with family in Colombia, I couldn’t help but notice the many auto transporters speeding (and yes, I mean speeding) along the city streets of Medellin.  I saw a variety of 2-car flat bed trailers and two-level 7 to 10-car haulers, each filled to capacity.

On A Road Trip Across Columbia

On a road trip traveling to the outskirts of the rain forests to visit the hot springs of west central Colombia, we encountered a six car hauler making its way up remote roads in the Andes Mountains.  Keep in mind, the towns throughout these parts of the mountains are up as high as 1,900 meters.  Yet the rapidly growing demand for personal transportation is quickly helping auto transporters overcome any apprehension in making the long journey up the winding and rocky terrain.

Paved roads were literally being constructed right beneath us. Our expedition, took us to the ending of the pavement where construction crews couldn’t work fast enough to build the desperately needed roads to accommodate all the new commerce.  It was truly a site to see, and I was lucky enough to capture some pictures along the way.

To give you an even clearer idea of the demand for personal transportation…in speaking with family members during our visit, I learned that 20 years ago, the ratio of public service cabs versus personally owned vehicles was about 80/20.  Just 5 years ago, the ratio jumped to near 50/50, and in 2014, its now almost 30/70.  Bad news for the cab drivers, but great news for car shipping and local truckers who know these ares unfamiliar to any outsiders.  And because of the limitation of space in the close-nit and tight quartered neighborhoods, micro-compact cars are the norm, offering the added advantage of fitting more vehicles on a single trailer.

What an incredible opportunity for the people of Colombia, both consumers and truckers.  I suspect this trend will continue, and I can’t wait to go back to confirm my theory, and of course…to have another amazing vacation.

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