10 “Breaking Bad” Vehicles Go to Auction

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If you’re a “Breaking Bad” fan, then you know exactly what you’ll be doing this upcoming Sunday night: sitting in front of the television waiting to see what in the world Walt is going to do. If not, then you should evaluate your life decisions and start watching “Breaking Bad” pronto.

In conjunction with the series finale on Sunday, September 29, ScreenBid will be auctioning off 10 of the vehicles used in the show as well as a handful of other recognizable props. Remember those Hazmat suits Jesse and Walt used to ‘cook’ in? What about Walt’s white briefs he so freely walked around in? Those will be auctioned off as well. But since Montway is slated as the preferred autotransporter of the RK Motors Collector Car Auction in the beginning of November- and since our industry is rooted in vehicles- we are more interested in the vehicles being auctioned off.

So what vehicles will ScreenBid auction off from the show and what are the asking bids?

Jesse’s Toyota Tercel – Starting Bid: $5,500

So, Jesse didn’t really have the best car in the show, that’s pretty clear. But this cute little car seems to have a lot of character, and it is Jesse Pinkman’s! Plus, it is the actual car used in the show. In the show, Jesse was a bit of a mess, and it seems like his car here was a pretty good match. Is it worth $5,500 though? We’re not so sure.

Skylar’s Jeep – Starting Bid: $7,125

Though some may argue this vehicle isn’t much cooler than Jesse’s Tercel, we think it’s pretty awesome. When was the last time you saw a “woodie Jeep?” It’s actually a 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, but “Breaking Bad” fans know it simply as Walter’s wife Skylar’s car. Though she may have had a ton of ups and downs throughout the show, you have to admit that she had a pretty cool car. ScreenBid states that the Jeep has some paint bubbling and leaks oil, but other than that it’s good to go.

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Walt’s Aztek – Starting Bid: $1,000

So it may seem strange that perhaps the most recognizable vehicle in the series is also the cheapest on the auction block, but there’s a good reason for that. For one, there were three Azteks used in the series and this is the third one. On top of that, ScreenBid states that the vehicle needs a lot of work. That may be true, but it’s still Walter White’s car, right? Apparently, that counts for $1,000.

Tod’s El Camino: $2,150

If you ask any “Breaking Bad” fan who the most disturbing and soulless character on the show is, they’d probably answer with “Todd.” The guy is creepy and we’re pretty sure he has no emotions, but he does have a pretty nice car. This is a 1978 Chevrolet El Camino and the auction states it has some hood damage.

Marie’s Car – Starting: $10,000

Though she may not be a show favorite, Skylar’s sister Marie has the most expensive car at the auction. The auction states it has no damages or defects, so we think it might go for a bit more than the asking price.

The other vehicles up for auction include Andrea’s Oldsmobile, Badger’s Pontiac Fiero, the “Vamanos Truck” owned by the pest control business Walt gets into so he and Jesse have a place to ‘cook’ and Jack’s compound vehicle. Bidding for the “Breaking Bad” cars will start on Sunday, September 29, the same day of the series finale, and will stay open for eight days.

We’re curious to see how much these vehicles actually go for. We’d be surprised if any of them go over $10,000!

[all photos used are from the ScreenBid auction site.]

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