Car Rental vs. Chauffeured Service

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Renting a car has its advantages and also disadvantages. If you were to decide between renting a car and hiring a chauffeur, you need to understand both options. Renting a car offers you more privacy than using chauffeured services. When you rent a car, you will be the driver as well unless you hire one. You can drive to any place that you want without a third person knowing where you went and what you did. But if you hire a chauffeured service, the driver will probably know where you are going and what you are doing. So, for those who will like to maintain their privacy renting a car should be the best option.

If you are on vacation and you have the spirit of adventure, it will be better for you to hire a car instead of employing the services of a chauffeur. You will get to know the hook and cranny of the places you visited since you are the person that will be driving yourself. It is therefore the best way to explore a place.

If you are travelling in groups or with your family, it will be better for you to hire a car instead of employing the services of a chauffeur. When you rent a car, you are totally in charge of the car for the period of time you are using the car, so you can cruise around with your families or friends as the case may be. You will definitely, hire a car that accommodate all you family members or friends. So, everybody will have maximum comfort.

Renting a car is more flexible than using chauffeured services. You can drive to any place you like and come back to hotel at anytime you like. Nobody is timing you. However, there is risk in hiring a car. You will be paying for any damages that the car may sustain. You can’t be sure whether the car will not have any accidents or scratches when you are using it.

Hiring a chauffeur services is the best option for people who will like to uphold their image. Company managing directors and chief executives and other high rated personalities normally used chauffeured services in order to maintain their social status. The chauffeur will drive them to where they are going and then bring them back after the function.

Chauffeured service companies make use of professional and certified drivers. So, if you are interested about your safety on the roads, then you have to use chauffeured services. Many of their drivers have attended a number of driving courses like defensive driving course. You do not need to bother whether the driver has experience or not.

However, chauffeured services are not the best for those who are adventurous. If you are hiring a chauffeured service you cannot drive in and out as you like unless you pay for it. Your movement is conditioned by the terms of the contract you have with the company. There is no room for an emergence trip. This means that the driver cannot take you to any other place outside the place you agreed with him otherwise you pay more money.

Experience has shown also that chauffeurs can sometimes disappoint due to the demands of life. People have missed appointments because their chauffeur did not turn up on time due to one reason or the other.

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