Car shipping Adventure – North Carolina to Illinois

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There is no doubt that car shipping could be challenging and exciting, and that is why we love it. Montway has been providing car shipping services for several years and we continue to do so every day. Our owner operators will load and transport your vehicles on time, with no hassle for you as a customer at all. See, they may go through some scary and exciting moments while transporting cars from state to state, but they know how to handle every situation. Montway owner operators often say, “Expect the unexpected on the road.”

Montway Car Shipping Adventure

On Friday March 23, 2012 in the early afternoon, traveling on the road our owner operator Rumen R. faced a small misadventure. Loaded with 7 cars, heading out of Durham, North Carolina he decided to skip a weight station as he was headed to his last pick up from Burlington, North Carolina. Nothing wrong with this decision he thought since everything with his trailer and load was in order.

He simply decided to take the local Road 70 that swirls along Highway 85 as Burlington city was pretty close. So far so good. Rumen exited the highway on Interstate 85 Connector  about to go West on Road 70. For his bad luck there was no exit for 70 West, only for East. So, Montway Auto Transporters owner operator Rumen had to make a few more local turns in order to go West to Burlington.

Car Trailer Stuck In The Middle Of Rail Tracks

This is not a movie script!

Entering Hillsborough, North Carolina Rumen faced the unexpected. After the last turn our auto moving owner operator Rumen had to cross a rail road track. Nothing special, nothing difficult he thought, a track just like any other.  But imagine his surprise (and fear) when all of a sudden his trailer gets trapped in the middle of the rail road. He hits pedal to the metal, yet with no luck of moving this big monster loaded with 7 little monsters.

Rumen told us that he never expected that to happen since his trailer was not overloaded and was in a top notch condition, “It crosses rail road tracks with ease and breeze,” he said.  He thought about what had caused this bump on the road, and told us that it was probably because the tracks were running too high, plus he had one empty spot on the trailer which may have caused imbalance.

Since the empty spot was in the back, the front of the trailer may have become heavier which in turn overloads the driving axel of the auto transporter. It is not unusual for this overloading to happen as it is normal to have an empty spot for a car in the back, so it was the high rail road tracks in Hillsborough, North Carolina that trapped the trailer.

Imagine Your Car On Trailer Stuck There…

So now, how would you feel if you see your car loaded onto a trailer stuck in the middle of a railroad track? You would be terrified, just like Rumen was? Because he was as in the next few moments he saw a train approaching. Sure he called the police and they called and stopped the train, but the fear he felt will remain for some time. Sure Montway Auto Transporter Rumen laughs at the situation now, just like all of us here at the office, but no one would want to be him in that moment. We can conclude one thing for sure – where there are cars, there is thrill.

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