Safely Delivering a 2011 VW Golf

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Safely Delivering a 2011 VW Golf

The ride from Wayne, N.J. to Boston, Mass. may just be 221 miles, but sometimes even that is too far to drive. Perhaps that is why this customer opted to ship their car rather than drive it on their own. When the vehicle arrived in Boston, the customer takes a minute and carefully inspects his vehicle while the driver unstraps it and gets ready to unload it from the truck. It appears this is the first time the customer has shipped a car as he states, “Let’s see how they do this!”

We like to think we do it with careful ease and patience. After the driver pulls out the ramps, he slowly backs the vehicle off the truck- taking extra care at the end. When it is rainy and slippery like it is in this video, the trucker needs to take extra precaution. Even still, the trucker works carefully and fast. The customer even points out that it was easy and took under three minutes.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that this particular vehicle was hauled and shipped by a pickup truck. Depending on your method of transport and the kind of car you are shipping, the type of truck that hauls your vehicle can be very different. It could be a pickup truck such as the one in this video, a huge open transport truck you often see on the highways, or an enclosed carrier.

Take a look at this customer’s video below and see how fast and easy it is to unload cars off the transport trucks!

Vehicle Shipping Delivery of a 2011 VW Golf

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