Car Shipping Guide: 6 Steps for Transport Success

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If you’re like most people, you’ve never had to ship a car before. For anyone new to vehicle shipping, the whole process can be confusing. You may be asking, “How do I start the car transport process? What timelines should I be aware of? Is there a car shipping guide I can follow?”  

Good news! The answers you seek are right here. Below are six basic steps so you know what to expect before your car takes its road trip without you. Don’t worry, your car will be in good hands with the right company. If you have any questions about the car shipping process or would like an instant quote, call a Montway agent at 888-666-8929

Understanding the car shipping experience

While it sounds basic—get a vehicle from point A to point B—there are a few things you should know to better understand how transporting a car works

The most important step is finding the right car transport company; one with proven experience and a great reputation. Check out this helpful article on what to look for in an auto transport company for more details. A vehicle transport company will help you book your order, then work to find the carrier who most closely meets your needs based on your desired time frame and other requirements. 

STEP 1: Conduct initial research

Begin your research as soon as you think you may need to ship your vehicle or vehicles. A quick online search will give you plenty of options, but not every auto transport company is reputable. Pick a few, check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau and read their customer reviews. Then request vehicle shipping quotes and compare costs, keeping in mind that the lowest estimate does not always equal the best customer experience. Read How to Select the Best Car Shipping Company for more information. 

STEP 2: Select your auto transport company

Now your research has paid off and you’re confident in selecting your auto transport provider. The earlier you can arrange your shipment the better. We recommend at least four weeks prior to your required shipping date if possible, however, transport could be arranged even with short notice. Once booked, Montway sends an email confirmation that includes a summary of your order. It will include locations, city, zip, vehicle year, make, model and first available shipping date, along with the terms and conditions and a brief description of what to expect next. 

STEP 3: Check your vehicle 

Before your ship date, ensure your vehicle will be in good working condition and that no fluids are leaking. Montway is able to arrange transport for inoperable vehicles as long as they are able to roll, brake and steer properly and both pickup and delivery locations are accessible by a large truck, or additional accommodations if required. 

STEP 4: Remove valuable items

Most people know not to leave things like iPads or laptops in their vehicles, but we also recommend removing spare change, automatic parking passes and toll tags. 

STEP 5: Car and driver prep

The day before your pickup date, expect a call, text or email from your driver who will confirm the location and time. Wash your car before its journey for a fast and easy vehicle condition inspection by the driver. Here are more details on how to prepare your vehicle for transport

STEP 6: Receive your vehicle

You will conduct a final condition inspection with your driver before signing for your car. Then you’ll be on your way!

Benefits of car shipping

If you’re relocating for work, retiring to a different state, are a seasonal resident or taking an extended holiday, you probably already have lots of items on your to-do list. Leave auto transport to the professionals and have more time for other tasks. An auto transport company can handle the details and will do their best to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination safely. From less wear and tear on your car to saving time, there are many surprising benefits of car shipping

Montway is happy to help!

When you’re ready to start step one (conduct research and get quotes), give Montway Auto Transport a call at 888-666-8929. As a leading car shipping broker that arranges transport for over 140,000 vehicles a year, we have the experience to ensure your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle gets to their new location safely. Read what our customers say about their experience with Montway to see what to expect from our services.