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When we compare we see the flaws and the advantages of whatever we compare. When you buy a new pair of jeans you will go ahead and compare them to an old one you may have, and lay out both pairs glory. People say don’t hold on to old glory, and so we go and buy new stuff to revive the old glory (or we think so). But when something is good, is good and we hold on to it no matter how old. Now imagine one of those old American cars we see at a classic car auctions and parades. Those classic cars have a story and reveal glory that makes their owners hold on to them for decades. Recently Montway transported a 1957 Oldsmobile 98 and had the opportunity to have its glory shine on one of our car carriers.

Old Car, Old Glory – 1957 Oldsmobile Super 98

Imagine now an Oldsmobile 1957 like the one in the picture below. Would you hold on to it? If you are  classic cars collector  you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to own one of those oldies. This is a 55 years old car with a V8 engine that is a 100 percent gas guzzler. This is what most of us would see – the general specifications that would turn off most people. Yet someone has bought the Oldsmobile, and the  car is moving to Chicago. Moreover, it is going to a private owner.

Someone will drive this car around Chicago despite that this will turn him into a gas station sponsor. A classic cars lover knows why he / she is buying this car though. Check this YouTube video for example, a 1957 Oldsmobile owner has it in for his car.  The simple fact is that this Oldsmobile is in perfect running condition, and it will most likely continue to run for years to come. This Oldsmobile 1957 Super 88 has a perfectly conserved interior and exterior as it has probably been maintained and never abused by the previous owner(s).

“The Golden Rocket” – Oldsmobile 98

The 1957 model marked Oldsmobile 50th anniversary and to celebrate this occasion, that base model was called the “Golden Rocket 88” and the engine color was changed to gold. This old beauty has installed a V8 into a lightweight and compact body, which made it one of the most memorable muscle cars of all times. The company produced the 88 from 1949 to 1999, and between 1950 and 1974 it was the division’s top selling line.

This 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 is a high-performance car that features a J-2 engine option that that offers plenty of “rocket” power  which bumps the V8 to a remarkable 312 horsepower. This engine feature, and the body style, made it immediately successful among the public at large and the car racing community. The car also featured the first wraparound windshield, a trend which later all American cars would share.

The J-2 powered Oldsmobile 98 automobiles were a favorite of NASCAR driver Richard Petty as the cars were winners. The Oldsmobile 98 was one of the best performing cars, which was due to its small size and lightweight V8 engine and body. The automobile has inspired the first rock and roll song, “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats whose song made it to number one R&B charts. Moreover, this rocket inspired the widely popular slogan “Make a date with a Rocket 88.”

The Oldsmobile Rocket 98 displayed a rocket theme and featured rockets above the headlights and jet engine taillights. There was nothing uninspiring about this 1957 Oldsmobile and it is no wonder the Oldsmobile division of General Motors soon adopted the rocket as its logo. The popularity of the car during the 1958 recession, considered by many historians one of the worst resections that had hit hard the auto sales, confirms the authority the Rocket 88 had achieved.

Consequently, the Oldsmobile 88 long production lifespan is not surprising.  The division offered  the 88 accompanying titles such as Celebrity, Jetstar, Starfire, Dynamic, Delmont, Super, Royale and more. So, any owner will hold on to that old car exactly because of the old glory. It is a highly desired by collectors car, and has definitely found a great new admirer in Chicago.

Nissan Z vs. Oldsmobile 89  – Who’s got it all?

On the other hand we have this shiny, sports utility vehicle, Nissan Z series 2010. A high performance newer car that would catch the eye of anyone looking to buy a car. Nissan Z is actually one of the more affordable sports cars with a powerful V6 engine, great handling and breaking and high-quality interior. This is what many say about it. It’s new, it’s fast and it’s affordable. Who wouldn’t want to hold on to it? But has it inspired a song or a nationwide popular slogan?

Nothing that we have heard of, but it is never too late. It is true that times are different and today’s car enthusiast are faced with innovations in engine and style regularly, but when it is something extraordinary they will notice. The Nissan Z is a great high-performance car, popular among today’s generation, but glorious is not the adjective used to describe it.

Our driver Julian liked the Nissan and literally called us to express his preferences to mostly transport that type of cars (as they look better on the trailer we guessed according to modern expectations!) He sent us the picture comparing the glory of both cars, yet the glory belongs to only one of these two muscle cars – the granddaddy of the muscle cars, the Golden Rocket 98. So, old car, old glory – new car… no glory. What would you hold on to?

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