Would You Load a Car on This Busy Street?

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Would You Load a Car on This Busy Street?

You would think if you were loading a vehicle onto a transport truck that you would want to do it on a quiet, calm street that allowed you to concentrate. Unfortunately, truckers don’t always work in the most ideal situations. Take this customer video for instance. At Montway, we provide door-to-door shipping, but sometimes laws and restrictions in a city or residential area restrict large trucks.

If you haven’t noticed, transport trucks are quite large! When that happens, truckers and the customer compromise by meeting at the closest possible area where the truck is allowed. In this case, it was a busy street close to the customer’s home. With cars buzzing by at a fast pace, this trucker takes his time and carefully loads this 2011 Mazda Protege onto the car carrier. He even needs to straighten out a bit first before he secures it to the truck.

This vehicle shipped 2,095 miles, from Utah to Alabama, in just six days. With an estimated transit time of 6 to 8 days, this shipment was right on time.

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