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Most people don’t consider the connection between cars and other luxury items. But one doesn’t have to be filthy rich in order to enjoy some of the finer things in life. You’re used to reading about cars and transportation when reading this blog – but we thought we’d venture out into some of the other “luxuries” that showcases the connection between people’s distinctive taste.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cigar every now and again?

Lots of people from past presidents like Woodrow Wilson and John F. Kennedy enjoyed the classic rich taste of a good cigar. Whoopi Goldberg is one person you might not expect to be a well-known cigar aficionado, but the actress and talk show host has been known to light up a stogie from time-to-time.

Goldberg, rumored to dislike driving, can often be viewed cruising around the streets of West Orange, New Jersey in her black Volkswagen Beetle. Though we wouldn’t think of the VW Beetle as a luxury vehicle, per se, the 2.5-liter, five-cylinder engine car provides what its many owners need; functionality and a bit of nostalgic style, the perfect combination of desire and necessity.

Goldberg’s smoking taste runs in a similar direction as her choice of car. The comedienne is a connoisseur of Davidoff cigars. The handmade cigars from the Dominican Republic have been passed down through a lasting tradition of rich aromas and smooth taste.

Speaking of cigar connoisseurs, another well-known celebrity that Michael Jordan – likes to indulge in the Cohiba Limited Edition Double Corona. The Cohiba, known for its full-bodied strength and complexity, falls in line with Jordan’s transportation taste. The sports genius is the proud owner of a Ducati 999 cycle and a 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren – two complex and strong contenders among auto options.

Taking a temporary seat in the lap of luxury wouldn’t be complete without visiting some obscure, yet locally known, cigar bar. One such eclectic gem is Mayan Import Company in New Orleans, LA. This little gem sits in the urban center of the historic Garden District in New Orleans. Mayan Import Co. opened its doors to the public in October of 1997 and touts itself and its French Quarter location as premier tobacconists – with the largest selection in the city.

A knowledgeable tour of the shop given by the manager Marjorie showcases that selection and much more. The owners, Dave Mccammon and Graymond Martin, set out to offer patrons a taste of Honduras and more. They accomplished that and some with their offering of 1200 open boxes in their walk-in humidor, of which, sixty percent of their stock is imported from their factory in Honduras.

Patrons of the shop like cars that are luxurious, comfortable and functional. Similar to how they like their cigars. One patron owns the 2011 Cadillac STS and favors the Oliva Serie V, a complex blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos encased in a fermented Jalapa Valley ligero tobacco leaf. In jest, he says, “…my car is almost as smooth as this cigar.”

Jennifer Lopez may do commercials for the sporty European Fiat – but she drives her twins around town in her minivan. Of course, that flexibility lends itself to her cigar tastes as well. J Lo has been photographed smoking Cohibas, Fuentes and Padron cigars.

This goes to show you – a person’s taste in cars or cigars is likely to line up.

Speaking of tastes coinciding, nothing says ‘I’m a go-getter’ like being the owner of a truck. Dave Mccammon – one of the owners of Mayan Import Company drives a truck, he is also the owner of another business venture in Crescent City. He owns Milan Lounge on Pyrtania Street. His affinity for the heavy hitters shines through in his car, his bar and in his cigars.

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