Car caught on fire on auto transporter while traveling on north on Interstate 15.One car exploded and caused most vehicles on a nine car enclosed trailer to burn while the truck was traveling north on Interstate 15 through Cedar City, UT. Thankfully there weren’t any injuries.

This was an unfortunate accident we learnt about today from In a phone conversation with the trucking company they disclosed that most likely the reason for the explosion was a nitrogen bottle installed in the car.

We don’t know the real cause of the fire, but it is very probable that the bottle was installed improperly and the vibrations on the road contributed to the explosion. A lot of people install these nitrogen tanks in their sports cars to enhance the performance. These are aftermarket installations we need to be very careful when implementing. Thus, we want to advice our customers to be very careful when transporting cars with aftermarket installations. You need to make sure all additions have been mounted properly to avoid any possible complications and accidents during your vehicle transport.

We would like to hear your opinion! Is it possible for a nitrogen bottle to explode by the vibrations on the road?

If you have heard of such story please share with us so we can spread the word with the trucking community.
We are always performing safety seminars with our drivers and would like to give them as much information as possible.

Below you will find a few pictures of the burning truck and fire fighters putting the fire out.

Fire fighters put out the burning auto transporter
The fire has been put out by a few fire fighters.

The fire is out..and unfortunately cars are gone.