Celebrities and their cars

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Celebrities and their cars

Celebrities shine from the screens of our televisions and from movie screens. They shine from the pages of glamorous magazines. We place celebrities up above us, just out of reach, and we gaze up at them as if they were true stars. They can even fade away at the break of dawn when our interest in them is eclipsed by the drudgery of the mundane world. So beautiful and attractive to us and so unreachable.

The more out of reach they seem the more we want to know about them. We want to know what they wear, who does their hair, what magical diets they use, we would die for an invitation to their houses for cocktails, to explore their world, and of course to take a peek inside their garages. We want to know what celebrities drive. Their status and cash flow allow them to buy the most exciting vehicles and to experience driving some of the most exquisite cars in the world.

Behind celebrity garage doors

What do celebrities drive? Mercedes and Range Rovers are popular vehicles driven by celebrities. Bentley holds a strong position in the celebrity car market. Paris Hilton, for example, has two Bentleys parked in her garage – blue (probably for days when she feels melancholic) and pink (for when she’s in a more bubbly mood!).

Ashton Kutcher chose a red Ferrari California to be his celebrity car – apparently he likes speed and the adrenalin rush that is common when you push the gas pedal down to the metal. Sports cars are quite popular among celebrities in general. Britney Spears has a Maserati Gran Turismo parked in her garage and famous, or better yet, infamous Lindsay Lohan enjoys roaming around in her Porsche Cabriolet.

David Beckham has got to love his car. He is often spotted cruising around Beverly Hills with his three sons in his fully customized Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead. To make sure no one mistakes his car for their own this soccer star had “23” embroidered on the seats. But some stars really like to show off and David’s Rolls Royce is no competition with Jay Z’s Maybach Exelero. This celebrity rap star spent $8,000,000 on his car. He must have really enjoyed Tim Burton’s Batman movies because the Maybach seems to be the closest thing to that Batmobile’s design… and probably price.

Some stars love cars so much they can’t own just one, so they collect them. The Tonight Show host Jay Leno has a 17,000 square-foot garage filled with cars. His collection includes a 1906 Stanley Steamer, a 1970 Dodge Challenger, and an EcoJet (supposedly there is only one of them built). Jay loves his cars so much and his collection is so extensive he had a website designed for it.

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What Other Celebrities Drive?

Another car enthusiasts and collector is Jerry Seinfeld. He has one of the largest Porsche collections in td its centerpiece is a Porsche 959 – one in 337 built. Unfortunately for him Jerry can’t drive it as the car does not pass the U.S. emissions test.

You would think that with all of the fame and the money every celebrity would want to drive around in the most expensive vehicle afforded to them. Some stars can really surprise you with their choice for transportation. Larry David of the show Curb Your Enthusiasm picked a Toyota Prius hybrid for his celebrity car. Conan O’Brian couldn’t part with his 1992 Ford Taurus SHO with Yamaha produced V6 and about 220 horsepower.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe drives a 2007 Fiat Punto – one of the most compact, eco-friendly, and fuel economical cars available. His choice reflects his maturity, his consideration for the environment, and a down-to-earth approach to his station in life. Way to go Harry!

John Goodman, the “Big Lebowski” star, is definitely modest about choosing his ride. He moves around in his 1997 Ford F-150 although he could easily afford a much fancier vehicle. His choice of “America’s best selling truck” really seems to fit Mr. Goodman’s image of the regular guy you can relate to.

Moving a celebrity car

It’s obvious that celebrities love their cars. For some an expensive vehicle reinforces their celebrity status, for others, a car is just a way of getting around, or maybe it’s about sentimental value, or it can even become part of their personality. So when the time comes to move or relocate, stars would not want to leave their cars behind. Some choose to drive to their destination, others prefer to hire a moving company to do so.

Moving a celebrity car is not any different than moving any other person’s car except for the fact that it has a celebrity’s name attached to it. However, in reality, moving an exotic car owned by a celebrity requires expertise and reliability on the company’s side….because celebrities can be quite picky and “pricky” if things don’t happen the way they want them.

Montway’s very own last example is moving the car or Keith Rivers of the New York Giants. He is an American football star whose favorite car is 1978 Toyota FJ40. The car was even inoperable, but he wanted us to move it from Orem, UT to Inglewood, CA. We couldn’t get a picture because surprisingly the mechanic of Mr. Rivers did not tell us in the beginning that the car was not moving on its own, and the carrier was not notified when he arrived at the pick-up location.

So, our carrier was not really in the mood for pictures. We know celebrities don’t like to be asked too many questions and took this into consideration, but for next time we will know to ask more questions even if the customer is a celebrity.

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