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When your luxury car is in need a service, you must choose the service garage carefully. Not all repair garages are created equally. We are talking about your most prized possession, your fabulous luxury car. The more research you do finding an acceptable garage, the less chance you will have with problems. Reputable and professional luxury service repair garages are all about impressing the customer. Listed below are things the repair garage should take care of automatically.

Look for Free Health Checks Offered for your Vehicle:

Some garages will offer free health checks for your car whilst it is undergoing a regular service. A reputable garage will itemize the health check for prior to commencing and you may find that this an extra well worth agreeing to, even if it may delay the time before you can reclaim your car. A free health check could include:

Checking the Interior –

Seatbelts/Mountings, ABS warning system, Fault diagnosis trouble codes, instruments operation, instruments illumination, switches/controls, heater blower, air con operation, heating / ventilation operation, rear view mirrors, seat belt condition/operation.

Checking the Exterior –

Tail lights, brake lights, reverse light(s), rear fog light(s), number plate light(s), front side lights, head lights (dip and main beams), front fog lights, directional indicators/hazards.

Checking Under the Hood –

Excessive noises, visible drive belt condition, oil/coolant leaks, fluid levels, battery condition/security, visible wiring condition/security, anti-freeze condition.

Checking Under the Vehicle –

Fluid leaks, exhaust leaks, exhaust condition/security, damage/anti-corrosion protection, damage/anti-corrosion protection.

Checking the Brakes –

Front brake pad wear/condition, front brake disc wear/condition, rear brake pad wear/condition, rear brake disc wear/condition, brake pipe condition/security, brake hydraulic system leaks, hand brake cable(s) condition/security.

These checks are very important and should not be neglected.

For how long are parts and labor guaranteed?

Look out for a 12 month labour and parts guarantee before booking a service for your car, especially if you drive a foreign car, where parts are likely to be expensive and where it may take time to obtain them.

Is the Warranty Protected?

Your garage should use genuine or original equipment quality parts when carrying out repairs and should always follow the manufacturers’ service schedules so any outstanding warranty on your vehicle is not affected. Preferably, the maintenance checks your garage offers to include as part of their service should be far more comprehensive than many of the manufacturers’ guidelines.

How quickly can the Garage do the Job?

Finally, if time is of the essence then this must be a factor in deciding upon the right garage for your needs. The garage should offer the same level of expertise and service to owners of any make or luxury model. They should have experienced technicians, the latest diagnostics, and be able to obtain all the parts within 48 hours if not in stock.

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