Auction Wednesday: Churchill’s Classic Car Bids Big on eBay

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There are so many hot cars auctioned off every day that it can be difficult to keep up with them. You may see an article here and there about a celebrity’s classic car heading to auction, but unless you are a vintage vehicle enthusiast you may never know! Thankfully, Montway Auto Transport has got your back, and every Wednesday we will be posting on the latest and hottest cars going to auction or have recently been auctioned off.

Sir Winston Churchill said, “I am easily satisfied with the very best.” Clearly he’s not the only one that felt this way. In a recent eBay auction, a not-so modest $615,454 was the winning bid for Churchill’s vintage 1939 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe. Enthusiasts were glued to the online spectacle as the bidding war raged on with some guessing the historical classic would only fetch slightly over $300,000.

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What Makes This Car So Special

You may be wondering why the 1939 Coupe is such a sought-after vehicle among classic dealers. It may be due to the fact that it’s the last remaining vehicle of eight models created. According to the website Historics at Brooklands, the model was introduced immediately before the start of World War II when Daimler Motor Company concentrated on manufacturing military vehicles.

Four of the other eight are thought to have been destroyed in WWII bombings and it was confirmed that the fifth was sold for scrap metal. Another factor which made this antique jewel an easy sell among classic car enthusiasts was the fact that Prime Minister Winston Churchill was known to have used the car during the years 1944-1949. The final bidding price confirms that a bit of history can go a long way monetarily.

The classic was sold by SabriCarkan of Germany. Classic car experts E. Thiesen of Hamburg, Germany performed a 140,000 euro nut and bolt restoration on the EKV 881 and Historics at Brooklands served as the car’s authenticator. They appraised the value of the automobile at £200,000 – £250,000.

This historic car moved from Germany to Britain, as a London-based buyer won the bid for £397,000 which converts to $615,519.95 USD. Now, are you wondering what it will take to ship such an extraordinary vehicle safely?

Auto transport companies like Montway know that there’s an art to shipping such a high-end, classic vehicle; a job which can’t be entrusted to just any car shipping company.

3 Suggestions to Consider When Shipping High-End Or Classic Vehicle

  • Do your research – Make sure the auto transport company you have chosen is licensed, bonded and insured to move your classic car.
  • Check their track record – Many years of solid experience and trusted service of shipping high-end vehicles is of the utmost importance.
  • Enclosed transport – Ensure the company you choose provides reliable enclosed transport for your vintage or custom car. Ship your classic or luxury vehicle in an enclosed trailer to protect it from nature’s elements.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Born Rich

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