Criteria for Damage Investigation

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Before your car can be repaired after a major accident, a visual or thorough inspection will have to be carried out, depending on the nature of the accident and the amount of damage that can be determined with the naked eye.

The direction of the primary impact will be the deciding factor in determining the direct or primary damage to your vehicle. In a roll-over accident all panels are likely to suffer, while in a parallel collision only one side of the vehicle will be affected with damage to wings, doors or rear panels.Indirect or secondary damage refers to damage such as twisted steering wheels or broken windscreens or damaged seat frames. Concealed damage typically involves major repair work to the rear panels, the bumper, or the quarter panels or perhaps the boot lid. More serious damage may involve repairs to the frame or all panels after a roll-over incident.

Finding the Right Body Work Repair Shop

Your car dealership may have their own body work repair shop but if they don’t you will have to call around many different places to ascertain if a repair garage has all the right equipment and people to do the job in the time frame you have in mind. Time is of the essence, since your loss adjuster is waiting in the wings to determine how much they are prepared to pay out. If your usual mechanic is a bloke down the road tinkering with your car in his spare time, you will have to ensure that this time your car goes to an expert garage where the work will have to be carried out to the insurers’ satisfaction. Make sure you find a reliable repair shop to avoid damages at the service repair garage.

Evaluating your car damage can be traumatic

Having to deal with repair works after a major accident can be fraught with stress and worry, since you won’t know the final verdict until the full inspection has been done and the repair works are under way. If you were hurt during the accident, the fear of the car accident is even bigger and you may not be in a frame of mind or even the physical condition to deal with the immediate aftermath of the accident. Knowing that whatever the outcome, you are likely to have suffered a considerable loss and may even have difficulties selling your car after it has undergone repairs, can add to your stress and worry. Knowing that there could be many damages as a result of an accident make sure you find a  reputable garage will help you through this difficult time by keeping you fully informed and giving realistic time estimates for when the work is going to be finished. You may be relying on your car as the only means of transport for your entire family and renting a car for the duration will be very expensive if it is not covered by insurance. A good repair shop will tell you if your car is repairable or total loss. This will not be your decision, but to be determined by your insurers and whatever their verdict, you are unlikely to challenge their decision once made.

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