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“Love has reasons which reason cannot understand.” — Blaise Pascal

We love our cars for many reasons, pride in ownership and independence, the thrill of driving the latest model of a favorite nameplate, or the nostalgia of a rare vintage auto. Fewer people would want to relocate their cars or care about their maintenance, without these significant ties and emotions. That’s why we asked our customers and friends, “Why do you love your car? Let Montway count the ways!” and to share their stories and photos on our Facebook page with the hashtag #Ways2Love.

“As a teenager, I loved driving my father’s big old Cadillac,” said Janet R. “I always felt so safe on the road. Today I get that same feeling in my Honda CRV.”

Love for many reasons…

Driving can build memories that linger long after passengers have left the vehicle, such as with Alfred G.’s “little S10.” “My wife named it Baby Blue and she actually liked to ride in it even though it is old and loud,” he shared. “I always think of her with me when I drive it,” Alfred said.

Understanding the individual importance, let’s just say it, the LOVE each customer has for his or her car, is what places Montway above and beyond other transport companies. Every service we offer is designed not only to accommodate the physical needs of moving the car, but also to address needs that arise from each customer’s personal relationship.

Maintaining precious possessions

For people who’ve never shipped a vehicle before, the process may seem intimidating and confusing. That’s why our auto relocation specialists always take the time to make sure even the most nervous car owners feel secure. When Arlene C. shipped her “baby,” a 1955 MG TF, with us, she described the experience as completely satisfying. “They kept in touch with me every step of the [way],” said Arlene, “giving me complete assurance that the car was being cared for….They are friendly, professional, and truthful,” she added.

Edie W. inherited her father’s 1969 El Camino, full of memories from her childhood, but wasn’t sure, logistically, how she would get it to her home in Colorado from her parent’s garage in California. Just the idea of moving a classic or vintage car can intimidate any owner, however, Montway has been providing expert special-car transport for exotic, classic, and antique cars since 2006.

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“Montway provided an outstanding service and the company they contracted with out of Oregon was phenomenal, the driver so professional and careful with my precious cargo,” said Edie. “Now the El Camino is here with me and I love it for obvious reasons–it was a big part of my childhood and a piece of my Dad, and my family intends to enjoy it.”

“The night it arrived, I nearly fell to my knees, overcome with emotion when I heard the driver fire up that big block engine,” added Edie.

Delivering more than cars

Frank F. had a similar experience when his “Little Red Corvette” arrived from Minnesota to Virginia. “I’ve owned this car for 32 years and your care with inspection, loading/unloading, and delivery of my car is deeply appreciated!” he shared.

The drivers we hire to care for our customers’ cars aren’t just the best in the business, they’re also dedicated to seeing a smile on your face when they deliver your car to your door.

Sam L.’s first glimpse of his 1985 Cadillac Seville, which he describes as “my new beauty,” is forever tied with his memory of the driver arriving with it in Rochester, NY.

Charles S. was only able to acquire his childhood dream car classic, a 1989 Lincoln Town Car in perfect condition, thanks to Montway. “This is a rare car, hard to find in mint condition locally where I live,” said Charles, so he decided to scour the entire USA of Town Car listings and order it online. “Only Montway Auto had the most reasonable prices and quickest delivery times,” said Charles.

Trust comes with love

When Marja S. had to move her first car, a 2015 Nissan Altima, “I entrusted my car to Montway because of my research about the company, positive references, professionalism of staff that I had contact with, and the fair price quote I received,” she said. “I was pleased with my choice and the care taken of my car upon pickup and delivery, from Illinois to Arizona,” she added.

We love hearing stories about the special relationships people have with their cars, and we make sure they know it, through the highest-quality service and the deepest levels of understanding. Information and communication are words often used interchangeably, but the information is giving out, communication is getting through. We work hard to make sure our customers have all the information they need to feel safe and secure through every mile of their transport. When customers share their emotional, successful, and satisfied experiences with us, however, we know that our company trademark, the care we take with our customers and their vehicles, is truly getting through.

When we give love, we get love back

The funny thing is, the more love we give to our customers, the more we get back. “Why do I love Montway?” replied Marja S. “Let me count the ways….Montway treated my car with care, as if they valued the love I have for my car.” We keep experiencing that love as it comes back to us.

Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day, with all our love, from Montway!

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“Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.”
— Lao Tzu

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