Damages at the Service Repair Garages

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If the unsatisfactory work on your luxury car and can be set right quite easily, show fairness and allow the service repair garage to put it right. However, if they refuse or the second time round the work is just as bad, you are within your rights to take your car to a second service repair garage and have the work done there.

You may be entitled to compensation, but before doing anything you should check either with your solicitor or at least with a consumer protection body, who will give out free advice. There is a lot of information online on governmental websites, which will give you an idea of the legal framework covering this area of dispute.

Don’t storm out of the service repair garage and refuse to pay for any works. The service repair garage might be within their rights to impound your vehicle, until you have made an adequate settlement against your bill.

Insurance Matters

Don’t forget to ask about the garage’s insurance policy, when you book in your car. If the premises are broken into, resulting in the theft of your car or damage to your vehicle, you need to know whose insurance will deal with the calamity. As long as your car is on the garage’s premises it is covered by their insurance policy. However, this may not be true for any of your personal items let behind in the trunk or on the rear seat, as personal belongings might not be covered by the garage’s own insurers.

Sadly, the UK is the number one country for car related crimes, from break-ins to thefts to joy riding. You should enquire, if it is not obvious, whether or not the service repair garage has a CCTV system covering the premises and if the garage has a burglar alarm.

Your car is not just a means to get you from A to B. You may have been paying a car loan off against it or may have bought it outright – your car is a substantial investment and you want to make sure it is protected at all times.

Legal Matters

Keeping your car in a roadworthy condition, along with paying for insurance and road tax, is a costly business, but regular maintenance prolongs the life of your car and protect you, your passengers and other road users from injury or even loss of life.

You have a legal obligation to ensure your car is in good condition and safe to drive. If you are thinking about moving abroad and taking your car with you, you will need to find out, what modifications, if any, are required to make your car safe to drive in the other country. This may differ quite a lot from your country of origin. A reputable service repair garage should be able to advise you, once you have contacted the new country’s embassy for initial advice.

Shiny as New

Following your car’s service and possible repairs your car should be returned to you clean and looking good. You should not have to cope with greasy fingerprints on the lining of your car roof or dust and grime on the dashboard.

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