Delivering a 1994 Honda Accord

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Delivering a 1994 Honda Accord

It looks like Honda is one of our favorite makes to transport, but that’s not true. We actually prefer classic and luxury models.

No I am kidding we do love them all and ship them all, every day. Nationwide. It’s now about what type of car we transport right? Just like its not about how you are dressed. But hey, I am not going to lie here some of our truckers are picky. They do not want to transport any car. There are quite a few out there who will simply refuse to load an old 1994 Honda. I am sorry dear old Hondas, but this is the reality. The older the car the most difficult it is to maintain it, and the same happens with the shipping. No I am kidding. It is not difficult and we have a huge network of carrier so we can always find a trucker to ship the car.  No worries Hondas are always welcome on board no matter how old. Just like any other car. We ship classic cars daily and we know how to take care of them. It actualy warms my heart to know how many people still drive them, but it will be better if they switch to newer and more environmentally friendly cars.

The shipping of one 1994 Honda Accord…

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