Determining the Price to Transport your Car

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Many factors determine the price of automobile transportation. One aspect is the type of truck used to transport. There are open trucks, which haul cars uncovered and exposed to the weather elements. A disadvantage of this transport option is that it is very slow since a good number of vehicles are carried at the same time. The trailer carrying them does not move at high speed. Besides, it has to stop at different locations in order to drop some cars before it get to the final destination. So, if you need your car urgently, this option is not for you unless you make arrangement on time for that.

However, there are some advantages that you will derive from this option. The main advantage of open carrier is that it is affordable. If you are on tight budget, then you have to go for open carrier. Secondly, it is good for any person that has more than a car. Companies or institutions that want to convey many cars at the same time can make use of this option. It will not only be less expensive, all their cars will be conveyed at the same time.

Enclosed carrier is a direct opposite of open carrier. Few vehicles – not more than 5 – are conveyed at the same time in an enclosed vessel. It is even possible to convey only a car with enclosed vessel.

Besides the use of ordinary vessel, there are other transporting options that you can opt for. Some auto transporting company can transport cars via the airplanes and train. Such options are very expensive. It is not everybody that is capable of affording them. However, there are some advantages that can be derived from the options. In the first instance, they are very fast especially the airplane compared to other means. With the airplane for example, you can get your car within some minutes. Another advantage that you will derive from the option is that your car is well protected. The element of weather will not have any effect on it.

Another factor that will determine the cost of shipping a car is the distance to be covered. It is more costly to transport cars to far locations or far states than transporting within the same location. So, when you are comparing quotes, you need to take that into consideration.

Another factor that influences the cost of transporting a car is the type of car that is being transported. Some cars are very expensive. Such cars will cost more to be transported. This is because the auto transport company will also pay more if anything happens to the car. So, they will charge the owner more in view of any terrible accidents. Used cars and cars of low qualities are not as costly as exotic and luxury cars.

The weight of the vehicle is also one of the factors that the auto transport companies take into consideration when giving out their quotes.

The season of the year is also considered. Transporting a car in some season is very risky due to elements of weather but in some season, the movement is smooth and therefore the risk is reduced.

The above factors will help you to have an idea what a good deal is like.

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