The Digital Age of Good Old Fashion Customer Service

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Before eCommerce, there was only two ways to purchase goods or services; calling on the telephone or physically walking into a retail site. If follow up was needed after purchase, customers would have to call or revisit the business location.  Today there are endless ways to obtain information about whatever you’re shopping for as well as the option to make a purchase online without ever having to speak with someone.

Some may not be comfortable doing business with a company they cannot directly speak with or visit in person. Whereas others love the convenience and added value of savings that competitive online markets often bring to patrons.

Whichever consumer preferences you have, how do you really feel about modern day customer service as it continues to be altered by our digital driven world?  The brutal truth is it doesn’t matter how you feel about it…the world is changing so changing how we do business is inevitable. But you should find comfort knowing that does not automatically imply sacrificing good customer service.

Visit a prospective company’s website and browse the contact page to view all the possible ways to communicate with that company.  You will most likely find at least one familiar mode of communication. Depending on the good or service you seek, if a company you are researching doesn’t have a basic social media presence, email service, or live online chat support accessible on their website, you probably want to keep looking.  If the website offers useful tools and aids in your quest for information, this is a good sign because it shows signs of industry authority and knowledge.

Just as you see how a shopkeeper maintains his storefront, online innovation can serve as an identifier of quality customer service. So don’t be afraid to explore the other options many companies offer on their website to help keep you connected before, during, and after service is rendered.

Your time is precious, so why waste it by waiting to speak to the next available agent or by sitting in traffic…embrace technology and tap into a whole new world of good old fashion customer service.

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