Disadvantages of Enclosed Car Carriers

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There are some disadvantages that are associated with an enclosed type of car carrier. Below are some of the disadvantages of this type of carrier.


Enclosed carrier is very expensive. It is not every car owner that will be able to afford the cost. The reason for the expensive price of this type of carrier is because only a car or about 5 cars can be carried at the same time. So, the auto moving companies charge more on this type of carrier in order to make up for the expenses they will incur while transporting the vehicles to their destinations.

The cost of this type of carriers makes it economically unwise for some cars to be transported through it. Cars with low market value should not be transported through this type of carrier because you will be spending more. Owners of such cars can only sell them off and buy other ones when they get to their new destinations or use open carriers to transport them otherwise they will be spending much money.

Limited Delivery Locations

Owing to the fact that enclosed carriers are not many, they have limited delivery and pick up locations. So, if you are employing this type of auto moving services, find out their delivery location within your new location and how long it will take you to drive it from there to your new place.

Who Can Make Use Of Enclosed Carrier?

The expensive nature of enclosed carrier has made it difficult for many people to opt for it. However, despite the cost of this type of auto carrier, it is economically wise to use it in transporting certain types of cars. Motorists who own expensive and exotic cars should employ such services when they are moving their car to a faraway place. If you use open carriers, the car may sustain damages and scratches that will cost you more money in order to work on the cars. So, it is economically wise for such people to use such services.

What To Do Before Using Enclosed Car Carrier

If you have decided to transport your car using enclosed carrier, then there are certain things that you should find out before committing your expensive car into the care of any company.

Firstly, you should find out if the company is a registered one. Check the auto moving directory to find out if the company has license to operate.

Secondly, you need to find out if the company has good carrier and facilities to deliver your car to the appropriate destination in good shape. Find out the carrier that will be used in transporting car. Ensure that the company is also covered by insurance. Make sure that thorough inspection is carried out on the vehicle and inspection report written and sign by you and the company’s manager.

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