Diversity on America’s Highways

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Along with so many other industries, the genetic makeup of America’s truckers has evolved into a multinational, thus multilingual workforce. Working in the auto transport industry, I speak with a countless number of truckers daily, and I can tell you that each trucker I speak with is more than likely to be a different nationality from the last trucker I spoke to just moments ago.

Like so many Americans, English is not always a trucker’s native language, so it is common to hear an accent reflected in their speech when they are speaking English.  In speaking with just as many customers daily, I have found that the same applies.  Throw in an unfamiliar experience such as auto transporting and things could get confusing really fast.

Because of this growing challenge within the trucking industry the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration now mandates that truckers be able to “read and speak the English language sufficiently to understand highway traffic signs and signals and directions given in English and to respond to official inquiries.”  However despite taking these actions, history tells us the disappearance of second language accents will not be happening any time soon.  Language barriers can be frustrating and may lead to unnecessary complications and the last thing you want is miscommunication when you are organizing the transport of your vehicle across country.

So when there is a language barrier, who can help bring customers seeking vehicle transport service and the truckers who want to fulfill this consumer need, together?   This is where an experienced and well diversified auto transport company can add great value.

When I came to work at Montway Auto Transport, it was a breath of fresh air to work in an environment with such cultural diversity.  I soon realized the true significance of this benefit and the advantage it offers to both customers and truckers.  Our staff members as a whole, at all levels of the company, are fluent in 11 different languages.  I have observed firsthand the tension that can occur when something is lost in translation between customers and truckers and then quickly resolved by a customer service agent’s ability to eliminate the language barrier.

In this melting pot we call America, auto transport companies that are able to bridge the language gaps on our highways, provide true value and a much needed service.  Whether English is your native language or not, feel secure in knowing there are auto transport companies like Montway that can accommodate native tongues from all walks of life.

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