ChallengeAs we have started our auto transport adventures with Rumen R., it looks like we will continue with him. He is a very patient person and a great driver, and he has great sense of humor and we love him. However, the bureaucratic hindrances and little mistakes made him spend all day the other day at a dock on the East coast in Bayonne city, New Jersey. And surely everything had to go as planned as he was supposed to pick up a vehicle from the dock and leave for his next pick up.

With all papers in hand he lined up with the other trucks and waited his turn. The broker Montway was working with had faxed over the receipt with which Rumen had to go and pick up the car that was already unloaded from a cargo ship at the port. Standing in line with his trailer he had never thought that something would stop him from picking up the vehicle. Easy job, papers in hand he goes there lines up, picks up the car and then proceeds to his next pick up in New Jersey. Yes, but no. As it is occurring Rumem happens to experience bad luck lately.

How Much Is Too Much? We know!

Once his turn came to line up to pick up the vehicle, he was asked for the proper documents that would allow for release of the vehicle to Montway. He handed them the document  and waited. While the clearance personal was checking  Rumen was getting ready to load and leave for his next pick up as he was on a schedule. For his misfortune, just like the misfortune with the trailer stuck on the rail road, he was told that this document is inaccurate and they can’t release the vehicle.  

Having being waiting on a line for a few hours he couldn’t believe his ears. He immediately called the office to see what is happening. They insisted for a proper receipt that would allow them to release the car for transportation in the US. Rumen requested that the office get involved and resolve the confusion quickly because he had other customers waiting.

He knew this is a proper receipt, but the problem was that because the number of the receipt was missing. It has been cut off from the fax machine and it was not visible. Montway’s agents contacted the broker for a new receipt to be faxed over to Rumen more carefully. It was said and done, however at the dock in Bayonne, NJ Rumen was told to go back and line up in the end and wait again until his turn comes.

How Did We Manage The Situation?

This was  the drop Rumen did not expect, yet he managed to keep the cup from spilling. There was nothing he can do, but wait as he was responsible for picking up this car. Surely he was late for his other pick ups, but surely Montway’s agents contacted them and explained the situation at the harbor. Thus, a quick response of Montway’s trained agents and responsible driver handled the situation and brought it to a happy end even though Rumen lost all day at the loading dock in Bayonne city, New Jersey. He did not lose his patience and good manners though.

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