China’s Double-Decker Side-by-Side Auto Transporter

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China’s Double-Decker Side-by-Side Auto Transporter

Here’s a hypothetical for you … Say you needed to ship a simply huge load of automobiles a thousand miles or more  in one shot? Now suppose the number of cars you needed to move exceeded the capacity for any available auto transport truck? What would you do? How would you get that job done? I mean, if you were disinclined to break up your shipment by transporting them on multiple trucks?  Well,  someone in China‘s solution to the car shipping conundrum posed above appears to have been: Design and build a  dual-deck vehicle transporter that carries cars side-by-side, up-and-down.  It’s a pretty unconventional piece of heavy machinery to say the least and it was caught, in the video above, appearing almost majestic as it rumbles down that road.

China's Double-Sided, Double Decker, Car Carrying Super Truck

It might not be the best answer to that question though. Why? Well, fist it clearly has a high center of gravity, even for a car carrier, and therefore wouldn’t offer a truck driver much in the way of maneuverability. Second, because it would quite literally tear up roads and other trucking infrastructure, an auto transporter like this one would never be allowed on highways here in the U.S.. We have strict load weight limits. Here, a fully loaded truck and trailer can’t weigh more than 80,000 lbs. And the penalties for going over weight are so vigorously enforced that truck drivers often  leave an open spot on their trailers just to be in compliance. The Chinese trucking industry apparently hasn’t caught up to ours on that score.

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