Auction Wednesday: Elvis’ Personal Cadillac Wagon

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Auction Wednesday: Elvis’ Personal Cadillac Wagon

There are so many hot cars auctioned off every day that it can be difficult to keep up with them. You may see an article here and there about a celebrity’s classic car heading to auction, but unless you are a vintage vehicle enthusiast you may never know! Thankfully, Montway Auto Transport has got your back, and every Wednesday we will be posting on the latest and hottest cars going to auction or have recently been auctioned off.

Elvis’ Car

At this point, nearly everybody that knows anything about Elvis knows that his favorite sandwich was peanut butter and fried bananas. Some say add strips of fried bacon too, but the peanut butter and banana are most certainly a staple. This may be common knowledge, but do you know which car Elvis absolutely loved and drove until his death in 1977? Well, it just so happened to be the 1975 Cadillac Custom Estate Wagon that will be going up for auction by Mecum on June 27 at their Celebrity Car event in Santa Monica, Calif.

Mecum declined offering an estimated sales price, but what do you think it would go for? We’re betting there are a lot of people that would say it’s priceless, but there’s a price for everything, right?

The Car History

Plus, the wagon was originally built as a ’72 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan in the Detroit factory. From there it went to the American Sunroof Company where it was turned into the wagon it is today. For how much Elvis loved this vehicle (he actually bought it as a gift for his manager Colonel Parker, but used it so much Parker told him to take it back), it only has a total of 73,000 miles on it. When purchasing classic cars, mileage is a big factor so this can actually increase the value. As if being owned by Elvis wasn’t enough?

On top of that, it has gold plaque on the passenger side door engraved with “TCB” which stands for “Taking Care of Business,” naturally. In stark contrast to most of the rims you see cruising the streets today, Elvis’ shaggin’ wagon has 24 kt gold spoke rims. The vehicle also has 24 kt emblem finishes, all making it a pretty fly ride.

We’re not sure how much this wagon will go for, but we know one Elvis fan will be shakin’ their pelvis in glee once they snag this beauty up at the Mecum auction next week.

Content images (in order of appearance): via Mecum Auctions
:Gangster Car Driver via Flickr