The Top Four Fuel Efficient Cars For 2011-2012

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Gas prices have the world looking for the most fuel efficient cars out there. The fact is that with soaring prices the muscle cars of old have given way to fuel efficient cars with style. A few years ago, people were willing to sacrifice anything and everything to get more gas mileage, but that trend has changed; people are expecting safety,interior space, and horsepower to go with the gas mileage. The fact that the mileage of cars today surpasses that of the unsafe nonstylish cars of the past has not gone unnoticed.

The Leader Of the Pack

With a combined MPG of 50, the Toyota Prius is out in front when considering pure fuel efficiency. The Prius is a fairly new contender in the market with the first model having been released in 2009. The focus has not been solely on fuel as the car boasts some of the highest safety ratings available for a new car. The affordable car also has a decent amount of horsepower (134 ponies) for a 4-cylinder car. The affordable price tag is another reason that the Prius is the vehicle of choice for the environmentally conscious.

Luxury and Fuel Efficiency

While the Lexus CT 200h does not have the same level of fuel efficiency as the Prius (40 Hwy/43 City}, it provides the level of luxury that people have come to expect from a Lexus; not to mention a person can tell all his or her friends about driving an economically friendly car and it is a Lexus. Lexus does pride itself on one thing other than luxury: Safety. The safety of the Lexus rivals that of the Prius and the differences are almost nonexistent. The price tag reflects Lexus luxury and people get what they pay for by going this route.

Brake to Recharge the Battery

The first thought that comes to mind when reading the specs on the Honda Civic is technology. The company has gone a long way to integrate all the most modern features known to man into this vehicle, at least the cost effective ones. Recharging the electric battery when the car brakes has helped push the Civic up to an impressive 40 MPG in the city and 43 MPG on the highway; this is just one of the many ground-breaking features Honda has added to their vehicle to make it one of the most fuel efficient cars on the road today and the price tag makes it very competitive.

Power Among Hybrids

Boasting an impressive 191 horsepower, the Ford Fusion still rates high on the list of fuel efficient cars with a combined MPG of 39. When added to the reliability and safety offered, the fuel economy of the Ford Fusion causes it to really stand out amongst its competitors. One feature of note is the lack of engine flutter when switching from gasoline to electric; which is a common problem amongst hybrids. The price tag is also reasonable for what the car offers and makes it a great choice for those people looking for a bit more power behind the wheel of their hybrid.

The decision to go green is always commendable, even if that decision is based off paying less at the gas pump. The benefits to the environment are just an added bonus to the reduced impact on the wallet. Each car on the list is the best in its own area and what matters most to a customer will be the ultimate decision on which vehicle is the best for him or her, whether it is one of the most fuel efficient cars or not.

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