Getting the Top of the Line Service from your Luxury Service Repair Garage

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Many service repair garages have conveniences available to their customers. Yet when you own a luxury car or a top of the line automobile, you want services that go above and beyond the standard. A luxury garage should include many of the following features:

Complete interior inspection of all parts and accessories including belts, switches and buttons, mirrors and all electrical or computer activated parts.

The exterior inspection should consist of examining: the tail lights, brake lights, reverse light(s), rear fog light(s), number plate light(s), front side lights, head lights (dip and main beams), front fog lights and the directional indicators / hazards

An inspection under the bonnet should include: checking for excessive noise, visible drive, belt condition, oil / coolant leaks and fluid levels, battery condition / security, visible wiring condition and security, anti-freeze condition.

The under vehicle Inspection should include fluid leaks, exhaust leaks, exhaust condition/security, damage/anti-corrosion protection, damage/anti-corrosion protection.

Inspecting the brakes: look for front brake pad wear/condition, front brake disc wear/condition, rear brake pad wear/condition, rear brake disc wear/condition, brake pipe condition/security, brake hydraulic system leaks, hand brake cable(s) condition/security. Also, inspect the steering and suspension joints, drive shaft joints, springs and shock absorbers/mountings.

While inspecting tires & road wheels should pay attention to: tire condition, tire tread, depths/wear pattern and road wheel conditions.

A free health check report is the result of a visual inspection. Further checks may be necessary to determine the full extent of any defects reported during the visual inspection.

Like any other vehicle on the road, your car falls under current legislation with regard to road-worthiness and safety. Be sure to be familiar with the rules governing tire pressure and the law, as it could turn out to be a costly error to neglect your tyres. It may come as a shock to you that if you don’t look after your tyres in the proper manner you could be fined with up to a maximum penalty of £2,500 (enforceable with discretionary disqualification and a compulsory driving license endorsement of 3 penalty points).

Disputes over Service Repairs:

Help it at hand if you find your garage has not carried service and or repairs to your satisfaction. At the government’s website dealing with disputes you can download a leaflet setting out your rights as a consumer and what to do in a case of dispute. Just click on the right button you will get the information that you want with regard to the above. You are covered by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

Apart from using the dealer who originally sold you your new car, you can move on to independent garages usually supplying services at a more competitive rate. Regularly maintaining your car could save you money in the long run. More importantly, you will also be making sure your car is safe on the road.

Establishing a good relationship with your garage is essential, if you want to maintain your investment in the best possible condition. If you are unhappy taking your car to a place with only marginally satisfactory service or if talking to your know-it-all mechanic makes you feel uncomfortable or foolish because you have no knowledge of the inner workings of your vehicle and cannot adequately express its current ailment, then changing garage makes sense.

Shop around and get several quotes. After taking up references on the garage of your choice, make sure you agree all parts, service and labour in writing prior to any work commencing. Taking your car to be serviced should be as easy and as painless as going for a bit of pampering at your local hairdressers or for an annual health check at your GP’s surgery.

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