Are Green Cars Taking Over?

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Value judgments are based on scientific knowledge, however often we do not see that the smallest things in the world can have the biggest impact. As humans, we affect the environment of the entire planet, and as such, we can choose how to affect it. With this in mind, would you buy an eco- friendly car? Since this planet is the only home we know, we should preserve and find a way to live in harmony with it. Well in quite many instances, we go against it instead of working out a way to sustain it.

California Approves Ambitious Green Cars Programs

California is leading the way in the US with eco friendly policies and programs. Now California is also pushing the envelope with electric vehicles program. Recently the state approved some of the world’s most ambitious green car standards that promise to cut the green house emission in half by 2025. The state is paving the road for 21st century vehicles and it is hoping that one day all states will follow suit. The California Air Resolution Board (CARB) approved a package that will require all automakers to manufacture more zero or low-emission cars such as hybrids, electric and hydrogen fuel cell starting in 2018.

Most automakers welcome the decision, and cooperate with the state to make the program run. However, how many people are willing to invest in zero or low emission cars? Most dealerships all over the country say not too many. According to them, the demand for greener cars is still low although in California is becoming more of a rule than exception to own an eco-friendly car. Dealerships are afraid that they cannot predict the sales for these cars and it will not help anyone if they stay in the lot. Most consumers, for example, still consider hybrids’ average prices high compared to regular petrol run vehicles.

Green Cars Benefits Still Don’t Appeal to Many Americans

Despite the widely known statistic that Americans drive the most compared to any other nation in the world, most still resist the green car option. What is the wrong with these people many Europeans and Japanese ask when these cars will save them money and preserve the environment? And really, why not more states follow California’s lead and implement zero and low-emission cars programs?

According to CARB, Californian drivers will save on an average of $5 billion in operating costs by 2025 and $6,000 in reduced fuel costs over the lifespan of a vehicle. How many people are ready to switch to electric vehicles though industry can’t predict. Most people are comfortable enough with their fuel efficient cars such as the Prius and Honda Civic hybrids.

California has an ambitious goal and car manufacturers are ready to compete on who will come up with the more innovative green car. Yet that is not their biggest concern, rather the fact that many innovations are already running on the road, but the demand is still low. All over the country, people can see hybrids, clean diesel, electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars, yet not too many are thrilled to own one.

Where the blame does fall in this case?  Is it the unenlightened consumer, who is afraid to buy or is it the green cars’ low popularity? The green cars’ technology is encouraged; however, it has not yet been integrated in the mainstream media for the masses to consume. There are dozens of eco-friendly cars the majority of people haven’t even heard of even though there are tons of perks for driving an environmentally friendly car.

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