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The prospect of shopping for a new car is overwhelming. Dealership hopping, test driving and weighing price versus features take a lot of time and effort. 

Because of this, many consumers have moved to buying a new or used vehicle online. CarGurus is one of the leading destinations for online car shopping, offering buyers a place to browse and compare different makes and models in one place. If you’re looking to sell your current vehicle, here’s our CarGurus guide

Discover how to buy a vehicle through CarGurus, learn about its pros and cons and read CarGurus reviews below.

What is CarGurus?

CarGurus is an online marketplace for consumers to research and buy cars—it’s also an automobile research platform with reviews, tips and tricks, news and a price trend tool. With so many capabilities, CarGurus has become a popular platform for car dealers to advertise their current inventory. Those looking to purchase a vehicle can view and compare pricing on new and used sedans, trucks, SUVs, minivans and more. 

How does CarGurus Work?

The process to find and purchase a vehicle on CarGurus is simple with the steps below.

Buying a car with CarGurus

1. Go to and click “buy” at the top of the homepage. 

You can go to the general “Buy” page or select new, used or certified cars.

2. Filter your search. 

You can narrow down available vehicles by make, model, price, zip code and radius. If you want to see all options, set your zip code and select “Nationwide” as your radius.

3. Browse vehicle listings.

Scroll through listings that meet your search criteria. Each vehicle will have a deal rating like “Great Deal” or “Overpriced.” You can click on vehicles you’re interested in to get more information, like mileage, previous owners, features, location and more. If you’ve already pre-qualified with CarGurus, you’ll see personalized rates for every vehicle.

4. Contact the seller or dealer.

Send a message to the seller through the platform or give them a call if you want to receive more information, schedule a test drive or go straight to purchase. 

5. Arrange payment and shipment with the seller.

All further details will be arranged between you and the seller or dealer, like payment and when, where and how the vehicle will be transported to you. Auto transport is a convenient way to get the purchased vehicle delivered to your door.  

Pros & cons of using CarGurus


  • Listings are transparent and unbiased
  • Compare prices for dealerships in your area, all in one place 
  • Research market trends for specific vehicles
  • Financing pre-qualification is available through the site


  • No guaranteed response from sellers
  • Most sellers on the site are dealerships rather than individuals
  • Some details about the vehicle may be omitted as sellers write their own listings

CarGurus reviews 



“I found the car I am driving on CarGurus. The site offered me the information required to make an informed decision. I was able to get the car I wanted with low mileage and at the price I wanted to pay. With CarGurus I was able to compare the various offerings at nearby locations in the convenience of my home. After a quick trip to the car lot I drove home with my new purchase. I would definitely recommend CarGurus!”


“Found a car on CarGurus and let them know I was interested, shortly after I got emails from Cargurus and the dealer with the car. So after seeing the car CarGurus wanted review feedback about the dealer, so I wrote a review and got an email from Cargurus that changes needed to be made before they can post my review, the change was I had to leave the name of “Cargurus” out of the review, fine did that, changed the review three times and still can’t get it posted. Is this a way to protect the dealers on their site? The dealer I went to was a strong negative zero stars and stated on CarGurus site financing available, had a chart showing credit scores and how much you could be paying a month, the dealer offered no financing.”



“I like this site. It’s very informative and I like that they give you the pricing comparison vs. retail and then lists them from best to worse. I also enjoy the information on the vehicle which helps in your car buying decision. The site seems to run faster on my phone than the other sites. The dealer contact info. is nice and not intrusive. It just makes the whole process easier which can be stressful and timely.”

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Frequently asked questions about CarGurus

Is CarGurus legit?

Yes, CarGurus is a reliable, worldwide resource for researching and buying cars.

Does CarGurus charge buyers fees?

No, buyers don’t have to pay any fee when purchasing a vehicle on CarGurus.

Who owns CarGurus?

Langley Steinert is the founder and executive chairman of CarGurus. 

Where is CarGurus headquarters?

The CarGurus headquarters is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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