Hey Truck, Hey Truck!

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It looks so much fun being on top of the auto transport trailer. You are loaded here and they all think it is so easy. You are just sitting here, riding the big truck. They never appreciate….ugh ….you as a … as a machine …full with life, dreams and hopes. No, they just hop in and all they do is hit the pedals and give you air biscuits. Not one single ‘thank you’ or ‘how about I give a bath!’. No, just work work and work again. It is very rare to see these types of caring car owners. I am not saying they don’t exist, but they are rare gems, and when someone finds them (like a Honda Civic!), they stick with them forever. Heh, will I find such a caring soul to show me love and affection and appreciation?

The carrier truck keeps on trucking!

“Hey Truck! Hey Truck!”

“You wanna come up here and carry me?”

From Los Angeles to Miami Montway's Auto Carriers roam the American Highways every day!

And this guy now! Look at this guy! He is rushing on this highway like he owns it. Well I guess he does in a way. He is the biggest moving motor vehicle on the road now, and in general. The average weight of a loaded auto transporter is about 80 000 lbs, and that is a lot comparing to 4000 lbs which is the average weight of a standard vehicle.

“Are we there Yet?!!?”

So, ok I don’t want to push the guy. He is caring about 80 000 lbs. For our own safety, and everybody on the road, we should not make him rush and speed. If a big auto carrier like this truck crashes on the highway … oh geez, I don’t want to picture this. Accidents on the road unfortunately happen quite often today, so we should be considered when driving – safety first people say!

“Come on! Can’t we stop?”

“I told you to go before we left!!”

How To Become Commercial Driver?

Also, be considered as passengers. Don’t bother the driver (in our case the trucker!) too much. Their eyes should be on the road because driving a big truck like this is not easy at all. Try to do it, just try. Imagine how you gonna make a turn or back up such a huge monster! It is not a coincidence that people got to school for that. To drive such a big truck one needs to obtain Commercial Driver’s License.

To get this type of license future CDL drivers are required to spend certain hours driving a big truck and learn important rules and regulations. Do you know how to become a truck driver? I don’t, and I am not going to become one anytime soon. Wow, thank God I am not a driver!

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