How to Ensure Auto Security while Shipping

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Shipping an automobile is an event that most of us will only do once or twice in our lives, if at all. Since this service is rarely needed, it can be a source of worry and cause concern. The largest purchase many will make in their lifetime is a home; the second largest purchase for many Americans is an automobile. Everyone knows the importance of finding reliable and trustworthy service people to work in your home; how do you go about doing the same for your cars? The best way to find a reliable company to move your vehicle is in many ways similar to hiring a plumber or electrician.


A key source of information on a company’s dependability is word of mouth. The issue here is how do you find people who have experience with an automobile moving company when the service is used so rarely by the average American? You could look at testimonials on a company website, but these sources can easily be controlled by the company. A better place to look may be an independent company rating website.

These agencies are independent and usually very accurate in their reporting. You may go to the website and, for a small fee, see how many companies in any area stack up against each other. Individual testimonials are also available to peruse. While it is important to look for a good score and positive feedback, you should also keep your eye out for special distinctions a company may have such as being compliant free for a year. This should be seen as a small investment in both the security of your automobile and your own peace of mind.


Another important item to confirm with any company you may be considering in moving your car is that of insurance. Looking into a company’s reputation and ratings will help minimize the chance of your vehicle being damaged, but it does not negate the possibility. Many things can happen even to careful, competent workers on a cross country move. Is the company you are considering insured? If the company is not insured, you trust them with too much.

Any company not carrying insurance will, of course, have to pay for damages out of their own pockets. People will always spend their own money more frugally than someone else’s, just look at Congress. If the company is spending their own money, they have tremendous financial incentive to find a good reason to not pay for your claim. That is not the case when a company has insurance writing the check. Make sure that the company will pay for damages without a deductible being passed on to you. Always confirm insurance.

Final Points

A final point to highlight is longevity. How long has this company been in business? The longer they have been around, the better chance they are in treating customers the right way. Many companies fail in the first year or two because they don’t have the system in place to take care of customer concerns. Looking for time in service is possibly the best way to insure the company has been satisfying the majority of their clients.

So look around, do your research, and find out beforehand all you can about a company you are trusting with your automobile. Do all this and you should be driving your car in your new neighborhood in no time.

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