4th of July Means Higher Rates & Delays for Auto Transport Industry

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America is celebrating its 238th birthday this Fourth of July.  Much of the country takes the day off from work to relax and enjoy this historical day.  It’s a truly great time of year when people raise their American flags outside their homes and make plans to picnic or BBQ with family and friends or maybe simply relax.  Fireworks lighting up the sky is also a common part of the Independence Day tradition and is highly anticipated by kids and adults alike.

In a nation of 314 million people, clearly we have grown to the point in which not everyone can take the day off from work to commemorate Independence Day.  Public emergency and safety facilities must remain open, and much of the private sector conducts “business as usual.”  We all know many local restaurants, grocery stores, and retail shops thrive on Fourth of July sales and promotions but how does this National holiday affect nation-wide industries, such as auto shipping and delivery of goods?

The Truckers Never Stop!

The trucking industry may slow down but it never sleeps.  The two largest package shipping companies, FedEx and UPS are both closed but providing “urgent” delivery service at a hefty price.  The auto transport industry also remains operational under similar premiums. Car shipping rates are normally higher during the summer months but spike further on, right before, and immediately after a holiday.

This is because our ever-faithful truckers also need a break off road and away from work.  Because family time can be such a rarity for truckers, many choose to spend time with their families.  Some take the day off from driving while on the road by resting in a local town on their route.  Meaning the number of available truckers will be very scarce.  Thankfully for our auto transport customers, some truckers choose to continue to serve, but just like the package shipping companies, they do it at much higher rates.

How About Shipping Prices?

If you are looking to ship your vehicle this coming Independence Day, be aware that trucker holiday rates are elevated by 10% to 20%.  Truckers do try to calculate their holiday time-off into their estimated pickup and delivery dates, but if your vehicle is already in route, it’s best to prepare to make any necessary changes to personal schedules to adjust for possible delays.  If you can, we recommend waiting until after the holiday to book your auto shipment.

At Montway we will be open and ready to offer both our valued customers and our hard working truckers support on July 4, 2014, with auto transport agents available from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST.

Have a safe holiday…and remember we’re here if you need us.

Happy Birthday America!

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