When you drop your car off with an auto transport truck, you want to be sure it is secure, right? In this customer video you can see how our truck drivers take the time to check and double check nearly everything they do. After all, they want your car to be safe and secure on top of the truck! This particular Lexus was shipped all the way from Norwood, Mass. to Santa Monica, Calif. The customer asked for a pick up date of Dec. 24 and that is the day the vehicle was picked up.
It can be difficult to pinpoint an exact pick up date- especially during the holidays- but Montway always works hard to get you what you need. This order was made on Dec. 22 and in just two days we had the vehicle dispatched, picked up and on its way to California!

Watch this customer’s vehicle transport video to see how safe our truck drivers are!

For more videos by customers please visit our Montway YouTube channel. For more information on our different car shipping services, please visit Montway.com.

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    Thanks for this, I really appreciate what you have done here.