Auction123 Adds Montway’s Car Shipping Quotes to Dealership Templates

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Did you know that over 90 percent of people looking to purchase a vehicle today begin their search online? If so many people are purchasing cars online, how do you suppose they are getting those vehicles to their homes? With our recent team-up with Auction123, chances are they will use the service of an auto transport company.

Auction123 is the leading provider of website development for dealerships. We recently teamed up with them to offer dealers the choice of adding Montway’s instant car shipping quotes to their eBay and website inventory templates.

When consumers are searching for cars online, location is important. They may find the perfect car for the best deal, but it may be located all the way across the country. With the addition of our quote calculator widget to dealership site templates, consumers can instantly see how much it would cost to get that particular car shipped to them.

The widget is versatile and allows dealers to place and move it throughout their listings and easily save it into their templates. We have been offering this online car shipping price tool for about five years and are pleased to bring its technology and online service to dealerships nationwide with Auction123.

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