Montway Performing his Duties

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Montway Performing his Duties

Auto Transport From Chicago To Seattle

In this video you will see how our car carrier truck driver is performing his duties. We have our own fleet and our drivers often come to the office facilities to pick up or drop off a car. Our office is conveniently located by O’Hare international airport and many of our customers drop their vehicles here before catching a flight. The location is always important and we have chosen this strategically to make it easier for our customers and truck drivers.

Preparing the vehicle hauler for loading

From this video you can see how the trucker is preparing the car carrier for loading. He needs to adjust the other cars in order to load the vehicle according to its delivery stop. First the dispatcher and the driver have to do an inspection of the car to make sure there are no damages or mark down any pre-existing scratches and dents if any. Then the trucker proceeds to loading.

This does require some adjusting of the ramps and moving vehicles which is very important so the transporter is in within his weight limits on each axle  The car carrier has to pass a weight scale on each state border and the truck has to meet certain criteria. So adjusting the cars position and redistributing of the weight of each axel is a major responsibility of the trucker.

The Subaru we are loading here is being transported from Chicago to Seattle. After reordering some vehicles and adjusting the weight the driver proceeds to loading the car. The cars are strapped down not with chains but with soft wheel straps. Most of the newer cars do not allow for enchaining and most truckers use soft straps on each side of the vehicle.

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