Montway donates a delivery to a church in Rhode Island

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A good deed is always returned!

Supporting the community is important and Montway is doing its share whenever this is possible. Recently we donated our car delivery services to the Historic Baptist Church in North Kingston, Rhode Island. One of our car relocation specialists, Kalin, is a religious person and he has many connections with churches across the US. The pastor of the Historic Baptist Church is his friend and he reached out to him when he needed car shipping services.

The pastor needed the ministry car transported from Arlington, Texas to Kingston, Rhode Island last month. They called us on January 17th to discuss whether we would do the kindness and donate our service to the Historic Baptist Church. Kalin K. talked to the CEO of Montway Mike to see whether this is possible. Mike gladly accepted to do this favor and help the church by transporting their vehicle across the country. A good deed is always returned and it is important to pay it forward.

A few months ago Kalin became a hero in the eyes of all Montway employees and for one little boy and his family. He donated his kidney to a little boy who needed an urgent transplant. Kalin did not know the boy and his family, but he did his part because he knew it is the God’s will. As I mentioned, he is a very religious person and we all were inspired by his good deed. This is something that stuck with Mike, making him think about the good people should to do to help other people and the community.

You can read more about Kalin and his good deed here.

At Montway we learned how important it is to help people because a good deed is always returned and we need to pay it forward.

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