Montway picking up 1958 Chevy Bell Air

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Montway picking up 1958 Chevy Bell Air

Auto transport of 1958 Chevy Bell Air

Shipping a classic car is not like shipping anything else. It requires experience, attention to details on the trucker’s side and … passion. You need to love those oldies in order to transport them properly. And here at Montway we love them. Classic car transport is a service we have been offering since the very beginning of Montway back in 2006. There is just something very different and special about the old cars… they often carry old glory and bring back memories for the time they were born. Classic cars have the unique capability to send us wondering back in time, and quite often bring nostalgia. It is this sweet and good feeling of the good old times,10 – 15 years ago. I am not saying times aren’t good nowadays. But just thinking of the fact that those times will never come back, and this old car, this precious piece of history does carry memories makes you appreciate the old times more.

So, there it is the shipping of one of those precious classic vehicles. Montway’s driver is taking great care in loading this 1959 Chevy Bell Air. You can see what we are talking about here – the trucker pays attention to the details and it is in fact happy to take care of this oldie.

It looks quite simple, but believe me it is not what it looks like. The auto transport industry is not simple at all. In order to make this pick up happen we need a great coordination between a team of coordinators,  dispatchers and drivers who can properly communicate all details to our customers at all time. And things happen on the road all the time. Things like weather and accidents can cause delays and issues, but our customer service is always ready to respond. Things like this do not happen often, but the fact is that things do happen.